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    Thank you DUPLEX so much. You guys or girls or both are legends.

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    Nov 2011
    I know you can't download from the store on 3.55.

    Not to sure on 4.21

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    Yeahh! I've always stayed on my precious Kmeaw 3.55 !! It's time to enjoy now guys!!

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    Alrighty then i'm staying on 3.55 thanks duplex!!!

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    Nov 2011


    Thanks for the links But I get "CAUTION! From your IP range the limit of connections is reached"

    Any better links please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by privat View Post
    Scirea work for vs. BLES?
    not working, error : an error occurred during the start operation (80010009)

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    i cant understand what he means by "Enjoy the game while others can't on 'newer CFWs' )" i'm on rogero 4.21 and the games works great hangs on blackscreen for a minute or 2 when games boot but then starts normally i'm on sequence 7

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    Hell Yeah Brother.

    Think they mean anyone on the OFW. They'll have to wait.

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    i don't understand it either.. when there is a fix/patch for 3.55 it will also work on 4.21 CFW or am i wrong?!

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    it is interesting. speculation shall start arising again. maybe a better cfw will come out or something. maybe a hybrid firmware of 3.55 with keys of 4.3 or something. who knows... duplex is at it again

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