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    I always enjoy reading Duplex NFO. It always entertains me.

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    I upgraded to rogero 4.21 from clean 3.55 no problems w/that. Its just that previously workin Propjoe/duplex fixes are not working.... is there any way to fix this???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ona2x View Post
    i have re6 with english voices and spanish subs, just put your system in spanish and in re6 folder rename eng folder to spa and if you want delete other languages folders.
    I've seen that works but the problem is that when you give orders or talk with your partner, their voices keep in spanish... right?

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    Assassins.Creed.III.PS3-DUPLEX download folder (11 parts) -

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    Thanks for your pkg fix for Resident Evil 6 propJoe. Now I have to start all over again because with that fix you get 9.999.999 skill points... crap! Why did you do that??

    Yeah, works 100% but this patch ruins your game. It gives you 9999999 skill points.

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    Guys!!! Waiting for wwe 13 and ac 3 ps3 fix (3.55)

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    PS3News please update RE6 fix. The Pkgs provided make you earn 9999999 skill points. Many people won't like this. the Eboot patch doesn't do this.

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    Give me a link to the EBOOT patch you are referring to and I will add it to the article shortly.

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    The EBOOT is the one you added on the article. The first one. After that propJoe and another one released two PKGs, the 1.01 update and 1.02 respectively. Both of them hack the game and make you earn 9.999.999 skill points at the start. I suggest you to delete them from the article, or at least warn players.

    Replacing the EBOOT works wonderful. You earn your own skill points.

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    Where you find that info "99999 skill points" Let me check it when I go back home... I used their 1.02/1.02 patch.. maybe the patch have side effect?

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