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    IFG4ever Guest

    Post Rugby League Live 2 fix?

    Greetings to all, As this is my first post I'd like to thank the community for this great website. I know this website means a lot to many users in the world, So all the best to the management and the community.

    This is not my first time hitting this website, I have been surfing the ps3news for two years now and finally believe it or not I just remembered why not registering here and be a member, too late eh? well that's me.

    So is there a fix for Rugby League Live 2 yet? If not, then I am just leaving this as a request. Hopefully one day I will get it.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.


  2. #5302
    dekuxscrub Guest
    Street fighter III Third strike 1.02 patch fix please..

  3. #5303
    jt666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    Why don't they fix true games? Agghghhhh they have Sleeping Dogs, PES 2013, The Amazing Spiderman, etc instead of this trash "games"
    There are no free stuff in this world. You always have to pay the price in one way or another. Pay money to official publishers or enjoy being trolled by devs of 'free' fixes. Pick your poison.

  4. #5304
    BluRay Guest
    Wait, people are complaining about these fixes? Wow, just enjoy those damn eboots. Those are decent games, you can't please everyone, but kiddos, don't bash those who are releasing this because you're picky about the games you're gonna pirate.

  5. #5305
    MateoGodlike Guest
    Exactly. Tell them if you want "new" game fixes look on the homepage and do it YOURSELF.

  6. #5306
    popshopadop Guest
    i love these releases and all but i have borderlands 2... any chance this could get on a list to get patch fixed?

    thank you for patching games like mw3 and nfs the run. without duplex i could not play these.

  7. #5307
    roeykarou Guest
    great eboot with dishonored!!! wow!!! i heard its a sick game... can someone tell me if darksiders 2 fixed yet and i missed it?

    thanks mates!

  8. #5308
    dorochi Guest
    thanks for the fixes !!

    Hope more will come in the near future.

  9. #5309
    ppr2012 Guest
    Great work !!keep it up!!

  10. #5310
    cms Guest
    Hello my friends haven't been online for a while (Honeymoon ). SUPER great jobs with all the new releases... Thank you very much for supporting us!!! Is there any good news about BLES01672-[ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS]?

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