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  1. #5281
    bernywtf Guest
    you're not alone, i hate RE, pes, fifa, SH and so on

  2. #5282
    G Sus Guest
    i've never even heard of those games lol

  3. #5283
    PS3JB Guest

    New PS3 EBOOT Patch Fixes for CFW by UnSANE for October 25, 2012

    Following up on their initial update, today PlayStation 3 scene group unSANE is back with several new PS3 EBOOT patch fixes for those using 3.55 / 3.41 CFW alongside a fix from DUPLEX below!

    Below are today's new PS3 EBOOT Patches for PlayStation 3 3.55 / 3.41 Custom Firmware, as follows:
    • Dishonored.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX
    • Disney.Pixar.Brave.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE
    • Risen.2.Dark.Waters.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE
    • Silent.Hill.HD.Collection.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE
    • Wanted.Corp.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE


    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://rghost.net/41159555 / http://rghost.net/41159632 / http://www.embedupload.com/?d=2HMOHHAYHB / http://rghost.net/41159555 / http://rghost.net/41159640 (Fixed .rar) / Instructions to Fix iNSOMNi's Dishonored English Audio and Subs

    Disney.Pixar.Brave.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE - unsane-dpbraveeu.rar

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://rghost.net/41159556 / http://www.embedupload.com/?d=2WBQQIJTYS / http://rghost.net/41159556 / http://www.ddlstorage.com/8fpimorxbd...unSANE.rar.htm

    Risen.2.Dark.Waters.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE - unsane-risen2-darkweu.rar

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://rghost.net/41159562 / http://www.embedupload.com/?d=9GJQDHEFVH / http://rghost.net/41159562 / http://www.ddlstorage.com/g75nor4gf3...unSANE.rar.htm

    Silent.Hill.HD.Collection.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE - unsane-silenthillhdeu.rar

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://rghost.net/41159655 / http://www.embedupload.com/?d=8TF4DMERCH / http://www.ddlstorage.com/r072atho61...unSANE.rar.htm

    Wanted.Corp.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE - unsane-wantedcorpeu.rar

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Download: http://rghost.net/41159419 / http://www.embedupload.com/?d=7VBLMCLWLY

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  4. #5284
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Got them all.

    Risen 2 and Dishonored! Awesome games.

  5. #5285
    dekuxscrub Guest

    working yet?

    hey did you get 3s working yet? if not is there a safe firmware where i can have my hbrew and play 3s online?

  6. #5286
    ppr2012 Guest
    Unsane or ZOMBIEKILLAH pls can you get sleepingdogs and medal of honour fixed thanks...

  7. #5287
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Actually. I have most Param.sfo untouched and I always say no and it works fine. Changing the Param.sfo is not needed. I dont have a problem with games without changing the Param.sfo.

  8. #5288
    sairimmer Guest
    First the Resident Evil 6 3.55 fix. Now we only need the Borderlands 2 fix for 3.55 and the circle will be complete.

  9. #5289
    kanketsu Guest
    Try to be the only guy wanting fixes for Umineko no Naki Koro ni Chiru ... even rarer! LOL

  10. #5290
    LeatherFace8 Guest
    Here are some extra mirrors:






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