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  1. #5271
    JellyJian Guest
    Thanks for the LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW fix but why not the JPN PREMIUM VERSION. It has switchable voice between english and japanese and more contents.

    Has anyone tried using the fix for JPN PREMIUM edition?

  2. #5272
    privat Guest
    Fix is for vs. BLUS!

    Works too for vs. BLES?

  3. #5273
    digisin Guest

    RE6: Feedback/Language-Trim

    ..just a word on that RE6-Fix: Game's running fine from on v3.41 using external Drive with no other MM-Options selected.

    Just one thing i wondered about: In the beginning the game refused to create a savegame, did anyone else get that message?

    Another Thing: As the game has 19k+ Files, you might want to rip out some languages you don't need:

    Enter the gamefolder, locate a subdir named 'sound' (its somewhere below the USRDIR-Folder of course, just dig a little)
    There you have the directories 'ev' and 'se'. A couple of directories deeper in the tree, you'll notice some dir-names like 'eng', 'ger' and so on.

    These are the languages. I don't think the dir-names need further explanation, so just delete the whole [languagename]-dir so that only the language(s) you want remain in the folder.

    Look for the following folders:


    For example: I ripped out three languages and the verification-process when mounting in MM finishes a lot faster (because of the 10k Files it doesn't have to verify)

    I guess, ripping out the language your system runs on might not be the best idea, as the ingame-language is chosen automatically
    and it doesn't care, if you want the game to be in english, although you have your system set to italian for example.

    Good thing, if you want to save some space and verification time.

    Thanks to all in the releasing process! Guess there's quite some stuff to come.. Cheers!

  4. #5274
    ona2x Guest
    I have the same savegame problem with RE6 and the HDD light donīt stop blinking, i wait... i wait... i wait.. nothing happens, ok contoinue --> PS Buton --> exit gamer, system freeze, restart "hdd database corrupted" or something like that, ok system fix the problem, back to xmb, Now RE6 work fine, but some DLCs (ME3 for expample) need to reinstall and i have a 226GB corrupted file that iīm scared to delete. Sorry for my english

    Nice tip the ripping, i will trade to put english voices with spanish subs.

  5. #5275
    eboot79 Guest
    yes is perfect ^_

    my re 6 works perfect , hd external no bd, version bles , patch 1.02...

  6. #5276
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Oh yes, that too.

  7. #5277
    wwywong Guest
    A lot of people (including me at first) forget that there is a option to turn off USB verification process. That option is need only when you have new game that need to patch the PARAM.SFO by multiMan. If you don't need patch from multiMan (like some PARAM.SFO is provided in the crack pkg) then you should turn off this option to save time.

    Even if you need multiMan to patch your PARAM.SFO, only turn it on when you want to patch. It only does it one time for each game anyway. I know turning option on and off is a hassle, but it is better than ripping games files etc (no offense, digisin, thanks for your detail tutorial, just not my cup of tea). I forgot the exact phrase in the option of multiMan, but it's pretty obvious name.

  8. #5278
    slainedog Guest
    Wanted Corp, Disney Pixar Brave, Risen 2 Dark Waters and another Silent Hill HD EBOOT PATCH 100 EUR PS3-unSANE are out. On a torrent site i use. Are these new?

  9. #5279
    DarkLordMalik Guest
    ^Yep, seems legit to me.

  10. #5280
    cowboys805 Guest
    hello mates, dishonored rip by duplex is out... as well as the eboot patch. i am downloading as i type... just letting the scene know, i will post once done downloading. cheers..

    dishonored rip and eboot out now

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