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  1. #5221
    rocknard Guest
    Thx a lot, brother!!!

  2. #5222
    kamal1948 Guest
    Hi, Please fix PES 13 Thanks

  3. #5223
    vinirdsantos Guest
    fix pes 13 and dishonored

  4. #5224
    ariark Guest
    Hi ... i wanted to download but i'm getting... Upgrade Your Account Today. You need a pro account to perform this action...

    do you have any other link?

  5. #5225
    rocknard Guest
    It's putlocker..

  6. #5226
    PS3Zini Guest

    Thumbs Up

    FIX 1.02 CFW 3.55

    RESIDENT EVIL 6 BLES01465 PATCHfix 1.02

  7. #5227
    wwywong Guest
    PropJoe, my question is, why the content of 1.01 patch you release is the same as 1.02 PS3JB release? (I extract both and compare) Only the PARAM.SFO is different... That can't be the only difference?!

  8. #5228
    MateoGodlike Guest
    BLUS 1.01
    BLES 1.01

    Reuploaded on my FileFactory account

  9. #5229
    biasedper Guest
    can someone please clear up the 1.02 information. There are contradictory accounts of pr0pjoe saying to not install it and now there are patch fixes? Is PS3JB's pkg legit?

  10. #5230
    chingonx Guest
    Great info here thanks

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