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  1. #5211
    cloudxxii Guest
    Will a fix for pes 13?

  2. #5212
    Kanzlermacher Guest
    Fixdownload is not for Freeuser...

  3. #5213
    Lando43 Guest
    huh? I'm a free user myself and it works just fine.

    try this maybe?


  4. #5214
    Kanzlermacher Guest

  5. #5215
    wwywong Guest
    The patch is 2.00 not 1.02. Is that ok to install?

  6. #5216
    nabelo Guest
    Do we have to update the game first to v 1.02 and the apply this fix ? Or just install from disk and then apply this fix ?

    Best regards,

  7. #5217
    vinirdsantos Guest
    tested the journey and took quiet online

  8. #5218
    PS3JB Guest
    is pkg File Patch with Crack Install than go to multiMAN load this game and start from XMB without BD Disk

  9. #5219
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    When I looked for BLUS patch I downloaded 1.02 and compared. It really looked the same as 1.01, but I didnt dare to experiment as guy waited on me, so I played it safe. Same with BLES, but no time to test it.

    I'm glad it works with 1.02, so this allows online access.

    I LIKE IT A LOT! Nice find, PS3JB.

  10. #5220
    technodon Guest

    key talk

    lets talk about keys, with the recent lv0 key leak we can decrypt, extract and unself appldr from any current firmware although the in the keys in the .elf are still encrypted with AES256CBC so google says, this may not be correct.

    i attached a picture of the 3.60 key the top one is still encrypted and can be found in appldr the bottom is the same key but decrypted..

    so anyone like to tell me how the decryption is done

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