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  1. #5141
    LeatherFace8 Guest
    Also make sure you do not install the 1.02 update, skip it when the game starts up.

  2. #5142
    zero233 Guest
    okay sorry peeps. i just have a bad rip. my copy is 5gbs instead of 9gbs. disregard my post

  3. #5143
    windrider42 Guest
    It works fine. I am the one who found the decrypted eboot. Patrickbatman fixed it. I tested it. It works.

  4. #5144
    NikDim Guest
    Great news!

  5. #5145
    wwywong Guest
    [RE6] So what is the one with smaller size? (9MB)? is that for replacing update 1.01 or update 1.02?

    I just found out have EUR version (BLES01465)... would this EBOOT.BIN work too? Well I'm going to try anyway...

  6. #5146
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Nothing is circulating with RE6. I think I made my self clear.

  7. #5147
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Pr0pJOE I have edited your post as we don't allow flaming here (you can in PMs, just not on the forum) but you are also talking to the wrong person, the EBOOT was 'found' by windrider (aka windrider42) and apparently 'fixed' by PatBatman.

    In any case, it now appears zadow28 has figured out the PS3 4.25 Decrypted APPLDR Keys so unless I am mistaken this means the fix isn't necessary any longer.

  8. #5148
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    That is a lie. Patrick socalled Batman is nothing but a dongle junky who now pretends for being dev.

    NOT HIS FIX! Not even close.

  9. #5149
    eboot79 Guest
    confirmed re6 works bles version tk_^, i'm tested

  10. #5150
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Got ya, I'm just going by what was posted HERE.. but more importantly, are those APPLDR Keys indeed legit?

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