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    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Yeah, sure! Any game from psn MUST be decrypted for NPRDM, and this has nothing to do with CFW4.21. New CFW allows you to run higher FW games, NOT FREE psn games.

    You can play Oddworld: SW only if you have new keys, decrypt unlock edat so you unlock game and then you can play.
    Ofcourse, you need rap file to fix edat too, and rap means someone has to buy it. Same with Journey or any other game that is not C00 type.

    On the other hand, I did fix WALKING DEAD Ep.1 & 2 for new CFW 4.21. Tested and working. There is already new patch update 1.03, so you must update game to last patch. Probably for new episodes adding. I will release it tomorrow.

    And one more mega bomb... If all goes well.

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    But propJoe, is it possible to make new EBOOTs for 3.55 now? I mean, do you now have the tools to fix RE6 for 3.55 for example?

  3. #5133
    Hermano Guest
    Awesome! I've got a real hankering for this one!! It will be much appreciated if you can fix when you get the time/opportunity

    A mega bomb hey? We're listening!

    Thanks mate

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    RE6 Fully Decrypted EBOOT

    Here is what appears to be a RE6 Fully Decrypted EBOOT meaning the updated appldr keys are likely circulating as well.


    According to evilsperm: I only looked at this eboot for a second but you can clearly see its been decrypted, so either resign it or make it an fself

    From PatrickBatman also: Here i reencrypted to 3.41 try this (8001003C error reported by windrider).

    Its SELF not FSELF (as on dex we dont need this eboot really) This is under the assumption there is no other encrypted files like SPRX/.SELF etc Didnt test it i'm on dex and just play via update

    Reupload Fix: RE6.rar (rename to EBOOT.BIN after unrared forgot to rename it)

    From jamesraimes: Well, I doubt I did any better than PatrickBatman... but here's another attempt: http://rghost.net/41121217

    selfed and then ran through deanks tool

  5. #5135
    wwywong Guest
    Does that mean the EBOOT.BIN is for CEX RE6? OR for the retail update EBOOT replacement? Didn't have a chance to test it yet... still at work... will test it later tonight! So excited!

  6. #5136
    LeatherFace8 Guest
    I Tested and it works on Rogero CFW3.55


    Did you try with bdmirror on and with a game in the tray ? Is your version US or EUR ?

  7. #5137
    wwywong Guest
    So LeatherFace8, which one is the one for replace? The 20+MB one? Or the 8MB one?

    Replace to hdd0 game folder? or usb001 GAMEZ folder?

  8. #5138
    zero233 Guest
    neither eboot is working for me. patrickbatmans eboot locks up my ps3, jamesraimes eboot kicks back to xmb with no error.

  9. #5139
    LeatherFace8 Guest

    Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT Patch Fix Arrives

    Following up on the RE6 PS3 4.21 DEX Fix, today a Resident Evil 6 PS3 3.41 / 3.55 EBOOT patch has arrived via windrider42 for those wishing to play the game on CEX consoles as well.

    Before downloading a PS3 EBOOT patch fix, you may want to read THIS post as some hack the game and make you earn 9.999.999 skill points at the start.

    Download: Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT Patch Fix (Already Renamed) / Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT Patch Fix (Already Renamed - Mirror) / Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT Patch Fix (Rename to RE6.BIN to EBOOT.BIN - Mirror #2) / Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT Patch Fix (Mirror #3) / Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT Patch Fix (Mirror #4) / Resident Evil 6 (RE6) PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CEX EBOOT v1.01 Patch Fix / RE6 BLUS 1.01 / RE6 BLES 1.01 / RE6 FIX BLUS30855 1.02 CFW 3.55 / RE6 FIX BLES01465 1.02 CFW 3.55

    Shortly following, PS3JB shared some Resident Evil 6 patch repacks HERE as well!

    Some more details are posted HERE, and I only tested the 20+MB one so far on the USA (although it should also work on the BLES01465) release.

    I replaced EBOOT on USB GAMEZ folder because it is a app EBOOT fix not an update EBOOT fix. Also make sure you do not install the 1.02 update, skip it when the game starts up.

    pr0p0sitionJOE has also released a proper RESIDENT EVIL 6 [BLES01465] PATCH 1.01 FIXED 3.41/3.55 for those interested!

    Finally, as zadow28 has now figured out the 4.25 decrypted appldr keys (below) following the PS3 LV0 Key Leak it's important to note that this fix isn't really necessary any longer.

    Download: PS3 4.25 Decrypted APPLDR Keys / PS3 4.25 Decrypted APPLDR Keys (Mirror) / PS3 4.30 Decrypted APPLDR from lv0 by nathan_r32_69

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  10. #5140
    zero233 Guest
    forgot to add the specifics. i'm on 3.55 dongle, no game in. having one in with it doesn't really matter, but i'll try anyway. i have the BLES01465 version.

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