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    rc4evr Guest
    Have you tried using a spoofer?

  2. #5102
    cms Guest
    I've tried to download PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler 4.21 but was unable to find a proper link and i've tried SGK Enable / Disable Spoof for PS3 Firmware 4.25 on PSN with CFW but the game still didn't work.

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    DarkLordMalik Guest
    If you are using the updated fix, you should replace the files in the game folder and not the games folder.

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    slainedog Guest
    Thanks Darklord. Was driving me nuts.

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    Dino05 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    I found my problem on Tekken Tag Tournament 2... I replace the EBOOT.BIN in the zip file to the GAMEZ dir instead of the HDD0\GAMES\ dir... that's why I don't see the costume (and also all the DLC characters - Michelle, Ancient Ogre, Angel, Kunimitsu, Dr. Bosconovitch, Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian, Violet and Unknown) Now I see them!
    Installing directly with a pkg there should be no confusion in which folder to copy.

    This contains the EBOOT with the "all characters" DLC Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for 3.55... just install to have game fixed and DLC


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    Orelha Guest
    Hey guys, is there a DLC fixed for MW3 map packs, or Max Payne 3?

  7. #5107
    jabberosx Guest
    Don't know if you guys have seen this or not. But this guy claims to have fixed a lot of stuff which is not publicly available ?


    e.g. Dead nation's Road to Devastation DLC.

    Boss/Propj0e.. any idea ? have you heard / seen anything ?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I can't say I've heard of them before seeing your post either... looks like a 2011 article that was just updated this month which is also quite odd but I guess time will tell for sure. If they become public people will mirror them here so others don't have to chase around for the fixes.

    Update: Following his MAX.PAYNE.3.PATCH.v105.4.Regions.Converted.Fixed release from the other day, here is a MUD.FIM.MOTOCROSS.WORLD.CHAMPIONSHIP.CUSTOM.341.FI X by ZOMBIEKILLAH


    I wanted to share my special Patch I made from scratch. No updates exists for this game. So I got a itch & decided to make my own custom update npdrm patch. The param.sfo if made from scratch. Basically really no need to wait for patch for games that don't have one to play on CEX/DEX either. I been meaning to do this long ago now, I have it down pretty good..

    It is really nice to not mess with my disc files. So here i share my custom CEX patch to all, that play this game.

    No need to change any files = Just install patch / Play. This Patch is v9.99 obviously, lol I tested on this cause it was small game & late.
    If anyone has this game in "USA" region or others beside this one please PM me..

    Download: BLES01551.CUSTOM.FIX (Password = ZOMBIEKILLAH) / (Mirror)

    Enjoy. Ya it is a MX game, but hey I rode DirtBikes for 25+ yrs like a freak of nature.

    He also released a STREET.FIGHTER.X.TEKKEN & TEKKEN.TAG.2.(6).REGIONS.FIXED posted below stating:

    Enjoy my personal game fixes & sharing all regions. If a problem i tested SFXT & soon testing TEKKEN TAG 2, should be all fine


    N0DRM - PreFix
    ZOMBIEKILLAH - Region/Conversions/RepackZ
    Patch v106 Spoofed v999 Unlocked PARAM.SFO


    One more: TEKKEN.TAG.TOURNAMENT.2.v101."341/355"

    I know Tekken tag v102 is out if there is no fix this eboot might work for patch 102. You would have to change param.sfo FW ver to 03.40..

    N0DRM - PreFix
    ZOMBIEKILLAH - Region/Conversions/RepackZ
    Patch v101 Spoof v999 Unlocked PARAM.SFO


  9. #5109
    hilongo Guest
    Dead Nation's DLC has been fixed by PropJ0e... maybe there's where this guy is getting it... or maybe not... who knows!

  10. #5110
    Roaf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by j0hnsmith View Post
    4) PC: Extracted both, copied 1.23 over 1.22 (overwrite all files). [used ps3 tools > pkgview]

    5) PC: Extract the new nodrm 1.23 fix and copy &replace to the folder from above (EXCEPT PARAM.SFO) [only 3 files]
    After I did step 4 5 it says unsupported data now, help.

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