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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    naruto generations english version has been patched as well buddy

  2. #5092
    vnfire Guest


    thanks i've been waiting for this.. also from ZOMBIEKILLAH:

    MAX PAYNE 3 PATCH v105 4 Region Fixed

    He states: PATCH THE common.sdat, first & try my patch & thats is all. If you need to try & convert i left the param.sfo & other files. I only needed & used the common.sdat + my patch.

    External Multiman 02.09.02 No BD Mirror needed for REBUG 355.2 CFW. If game freeze in beginning after your about to start? Then use “BD MIRROR” OPTION

    4 region patches I made. There is a BETA “JAP” Patch v101 using EU v105 EBOOT.BIN i converted. Till tested i will not know the compatibility of “JAP” Region. Patch is bigger, so jap version v101 may be actually v105 technically speaking..

    Testing new host .. PASSWORD: ZOMBIEKILLAH

    I personally tested one & works perfect.. “INTERNAL.FIX.NEEDED BELOW !”

    Download: INTERNAL.FIX. M.P.3.Internal.Fix.rar / http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/79417223/file.html (115.15 MB)

    Another: Assassin's Creed-Revelations.All.6.Patches/Regions/Converted/341/355.FIXED/Repacked

    Patch update v1.04 - FIXES
    Spoofed to v9.99 = UPDATE STOPPER
    N0DRM PreFix
    ZOMBIEKILLAH All above ..

    I am posting these cause i am fixing my own games. If i do one fix,i try to do all regions for others.. I Personally converted BLES01467 to BLES01466 & tested = Works for my game. Remember to change the param.sfo there are 2 in this game to 03.40 or lower. I changed both to 03.40 normal game backup param.sfo + the one in "PKGDIR" 03.40.

    Also include a empty folder in USRDIR/"ASSASSIN_ISO" I installed my Patch & played from, Internal/Rebug.CFW.355.2/multiMAN 02.09.02. No special button combo to start just Press X. I don't think you need to fix any internal selfs files they are all in patch.

    Every patch should work just as the one i tested "FINE". please post if working for you, thanks


    Link will be fixed sometime today ..


  3. #5093
    kotnaphaha Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JOshISPoser View Post
    what does paradox have to do with them? they were released fixes for patches that paradox never released for the parasite
    ahahaha nice one

  4. #5094
    wwywong Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HWARAKADLAH View Post
    whoops my bad, my game id was bljs and i applied the bles lol silly me, anyway, the bikinis are already unlocked, check yer equip section.
    Where did you find the bikinis? I download the 1.01 update 3.55fix, dlc fix, but I can't find it in the equip section. Is that just one of the costume after the regular 2? Or you have to still purchase with game money?

  5. #5095
    kamikaz3 Guest
    Go to Customize, choose Character then equip..

  6. #5096
    wwywong Guest
    I did... but I don't see it in upper body or lower body... is that a separate tab for dlc costume? (I click left and right tab going through head, glass, upper body, lower body, leg, etc. but couldn't find word like "swim suit" or "bikini")

    also animalovich, how do you have the fix for 1.02 update? Is it released? I don't mean the official 1.02 update, I mean 1.02update fixed for 3.55cfw, is that arrived already?

  7. #5097
    hamalawlaw2004 Guest
    thanx is that fix update and dlc???

    thanx bro it is cool game

  8. #5098
    cms Guest
    Hey there after trying for about 2 weeks to get the BLES01672 ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS to work with the BLJM60416 - One Piece Kaizoku Musou EBOOT PATCH with no real success i went out and bought the game just to realize that it won't play on my console because i'm on 3.55 and it asks me to update my console!

    Is there a way to work around this update?

  9. #5099
    wwywong Guest
    I found my problem on Tekken Tag Tournament 2... I replace the EBOOT.BIN in the zip file to the GAMEZ dir instead of the HDD0\GAMES\ dir... that's why I don't see the costume (and also all the DLC characters - Michelle, Ancient Ogre, Angel, Kunimitsu, Dr. Bosconovitch, Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian, Violet and Unknown) Now I see them!

    On the side note, I tried to update to 1.02, and replace the EBOOT.BIN with the DLC-modded EBOOT.BIN (one include in the zip), it can get in, but the game hang at some point.

  10. #5100
    slainedog Guest
    Hey guys. Need some help. Been trying to get ACR-[BLES-01467] working for the last few weeks. Only game i can't seem to get the working. Been using the Assassins.Creed.Revelations.EBOOT.PATCH.104.EUR.PS 3-N0DRM fix. Tried it 5 times already. I'm running Kmeaw 3.55 replacing the files and using BD mirror on multiman.

    I remove any data from previous install. But i don't think it leaves behind any or i'm i wrong.

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