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    Their tweet is code for "we have no more dongle eboots to reverse"

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    Guys, do you remember some earlier posts on this thread about paradox fixes releases? As I have a good memory someone was blamed paradox because they released a way of decrypting new keys. NoDRM maybe means on that!

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    Question Euro 2012 FIFA.12.MULTi.12.PS3 [BLES01381]

    Euro 2012 FIFA.12.MULTi.12.PS3 [BLES01381]

    Fix BLES01381_00-FIFA12_106_PATCHFIX works 100%, on external HDD

    today downloaded EURO 2012 EP0006-BLES01381_00-0000000EURO12DLC.pkg Trial Version works perfect.

    pr0p0sitionJOE you have FIX EURO 2012 ??

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    In that case that mean paradox is not releasing fix for new games? Then what about the people who bought the dongle? Are they stuck up?

    Oh man... the scene is on hold again... for the n times... Well not only PropJoe and Duplex can help us...

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    what does paradox have to do with them? they were released fixes for patches that paradox never released for the parasite

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    It's correct, but keys from this fixed patches shown some decrypting ways to Sony. Devs said that paradox must wait for releases, but warning was came too late!

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    that's what i'm telling you guys.. now that all eboots has been reversed, theres nothing left for us. i've posting this since the start of 3.55 fixes.

    yup we got tekken tag 2, cartoon network, naruto us and damage inc. but theres a still a LOT of games that hasnt been patched yet. resident evil RC, ufc 3 and lollipop chainsaw is still in my hard drive waiting for a great news.

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    so what separates the games that are fixed but not previously and the ones that haven't been fixed at all? some people say the games were made on 3.6 sdk, but idk.

    eustahija, i have no idea what you said...

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    Just explore post from paradox on this thread and everything will be clear for you! Simple.

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    nice question.. i wonder how come naruto jap has been patched by dongle but not the US version? and tekken tag 2 can be patched regardless of region just be replacing eboot? and fifa 13 was already fixed just days after the release but still no fix of nba 2k13.

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