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    azoreseuropa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    Resident Evil 6 and Darksiders 2 do not have any fix For 3.55 CFW. I hope there will be a fix for these nice games in the future.
    Me too. I can't wait.

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    draze123 Guest
    what if the game is on external then ?

    slash that.. it worked all characters unlocked ...didn't see the bikinis though

  3. #5073
    yo draze123, how do you make it work, mate? i'm on external too. thx

  4. #5074
    animalovich Guest
    Well, still having the same problem.. error, I did exactly what u said and I still have the same prob. I go to USDIR/content

    I take this and put it there in the other ble... 1251 ... but there’s something wrong.. am doing it.. am sure...

    I already have the game fix which is 102patch... do I have to reinstall the one above ?

  5. #5075
    draze123 Guest
    ok so first i installed the update pkg right then i opened multiman pressed select+start for the file manager in the hdd theres a folder called games i opened it there were folders there including BLES01702 and BLES01702GAMEDATA... opened BLES01702 then its USRDIR folder.. there was an eboot there... replaced it with the eboot in the dlc fix... started the game it worked!

  6. #5076
    whoops my bad, my game id was bljs and i applied the bles lol silly me, anyway, the bikinis are already unlocked, check yer equip section.


  7. #5077
    jejemon123 Guest
    can anyone pls upload original eboot and param for tekken tag 2 BLES pls, im using BLJ version that's why the dlc didnt work hope some1 supply the files asap cant wait to play it

    sorry for the double post, nevermind my request i got orig files tekken tag 2 BLES from friend, so if any1 wants the files here


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Guys please don't spam here as it's against the rules... source links from pr0p0sitionJOE's site to content added/mirrored here is fine but just blatantly spamming without adding any value to the posts here is not allowed.

    Also in related news, while we still have Duplex, NRP, Pr0pJOE, and the anonymous Chinese PS3 hackers working on fixes here is the latest word from N0DRM (via twitter.com/N0DRM/status/257903793763647488):

    To quote: "recent scene drama is going to adversely affect anyone that was hoping for future releases of eboots for ps3 ... thank paradox ... its over."

  9. #5079
    wwywong Guest
    Hi boss, what's the meaning of this comment? what drama are they talking about? And what do they mean by paradox is over?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    If I am following correctly, they are saying that it's over (no more N0DRM EBOOT fixes) due to some type of recent scene drama from Paradox.

    I haven't heard of anything myself so not sure what they are referring to other than if they are inferring that since PDX isn't releasing any new dongle EBOOTs they won't be able to make fixes for them, but that isn't exactly what I'd consider "recent scene drama" so not sure.

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