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  1. #5061
    MOST Hated Guest

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC Fix

    Install the cracked 1.01 update then copy the modded eboot into the USRDIR of:


    Not hdd0/game/BLES01702GAMEDATA

    Enjoy the new characters and stages!


    Note: I found this from someone who found this. Source wasn't included so I don't know who to credit.

  2. #5062
    matrixreaver Guest
    I figured out how to get MW3 working but has anyone figured out how to download the "free maps" online using fpsn? ....or does this method fix that?

  3. #5063
    jantee Guest
    I've already searched this but could not find it. do you guys know how to get the 2 DLC spec ops maps on a ps3 with 3.55 cfw? (install MW3 DLC on 3.55 cfw)

    thanks in advance.

  4. #5064
    Quote Originally Posted by MOST Hated View Post
    Enjoy the new characters and stages!
    welp, its not working, mate

  5. #5065
    kamikaz3 Guest
    It's working.. or you can get the other one.. no need to replace EBOOT

  6. #5066
    whut? so its an on disc dlc? oh wow

    so i just need to install the cracked update? thx before

  7. #5067
    shery21 Guest

    Arrow Resident Evil 6 & DarkSiders 2

    is there is any fix out for resident evil 6 and darksiders 2, if not any one has any idea when it would be out?

    awaiting for these game fixes

  8. #5068
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Resident Evil 6 and Darksiders 2 do not have any fix For 3.55 CFW. I hope there will be a fix for these nice games in the future.

  9. #5069
    shery21 Guest
    Thank you for informing lets hope for their fix

  10. #5070
    evEr Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MOST Hated View Post
    Enjoy the new characters and stages!
    Does this include the bikini alternate costumes?

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