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    kalaner Guest
    I do exact as you say, but when you say to Edit PARAM.SFO i make a mistake...

    Do i have to use any program or just use notepad and could you upload a picture of which numbers i should change in PARAM.SFO?


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    Blade86 Guest
    NOO , not just notepad, bro You need special software: param-SFO-Editor This is also included in the ps3tools collection from aldostools. (at aldostools.org/ps3tools.zip - this is a great collection of ps3 tools. RESPECT for this awesomeness)

    And with that editor you can just select the fw-ver from a drop-down-menu

    just use 3.40 to be sure...


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    kalaner Guest
    Lol never done it before hahaha!

    I will give it a shoot, thanks for the replies!

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    kalaner Guest
    BLUS Version!


    Anyway i did install all of them and then changed the PARAM.SFO to 3.40 and tried 3.55 also but none of them worked, it just tells me the server is unavailable... Hope someone can help me play online!

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    j0hnsmith Guest
    Blade, Well when I finally figured out to use ps3 tools to extract the original patch, then it was good from there. I had to use the files from kalaner because I'm guessing the ones I DLed were bad.

    kalaner I pretty much followed Blade's instructions step by step. The only difference with me is that after deleting the game data, I installed the the zombiekillah v103 patch. Here's the way I did it:

    PS3: Delete all game-data from mw3
    PS3: installed mw3 patch v103 (zombiekillah)
    PS3: I installed the fix-bundle of 1.19-1.20-1.21 (100MB) [the ones you supplied worked]
    PC: then I downloaded the originalpatches 1.22 and 1.23 for MY version: bles01431 (you do yours ofc) [still used yours]
    PC: Extracted both, copied 1.23 over 1.22 (overwrite all files). [used ps3 tools]
    PC: Extract the new nodrm 1.23 fix and copy &replace to the folder from above (EXCEPT PARAM.SFO) [only 3 files]
    PC: Edit the PARAM.SFO (which would be the one from 1.23-original) to set FW-ver to 3.40 ->save/replace [i did 3.40 and worked fine for me]
    Then copy all files over to your ps3 to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01431 (you do your ID ofc)
    PS3: Mount game & play (for online FckPSN is needed ofc)

    Just a heads up. It didn't work the first time I did it. I'm guessing it was because the patches I grabbed were perhaps bad? But I'm happy to say that I'm fully online and just finished my first spec ops survival match!

    Thanks to everyone!!!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted the news to the main page.

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    penjejakawan Guest
    Waiting patiently for PES 2013... will I have to wait for 1 year again, just like PES 2012?...

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    kalaner Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by j0hnsmith View Post
    kalaner I pretty much followed Blade's instructions step by step. The only difference with me is that after deleting the game data, I installed the the zombiekillah v103 patch.
    Problem is when i install mw3 patch v103 (zombiekillah) i can't install the fix-bundle of 1.19-1.20-1.21us it tells me i have the latest version, the (zombiekillah) is spoofed to 9.99...

    How did you do on that step? Maybe i have wrong patch from (zombiekillah). Send me the one you used

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    kalberto Guest
    another useless eboot from N0DRM. LOL

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It might be useless to you, but for many people being on the latest update is important, especially if you're playing online or just want a glitch or something fixed.

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