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    nenele84 Guest

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    That patch link doesn't work here, if you have another (preferably shorter) one post it and I will add it above.

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    PS3Zini Guest
    Sonic Adventure 2 HD [NPJB00188] [PSN]


  4. #5014
    HeyManHRU Guest
    This link for the patch/fix seems to be working.


    PS3Zini, beat me to it.

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    PS3Zini Guest
    Another JP0177-NPJB00188_00-SONICADV2_PATCH.pkg link cfw 3.40


  6. #5016
    draze123 Guest
    any news about tekken tag 2 1.02 patch update fix ?

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Another game for kids - IF they like so much children games then they should fix Worms Revolution hehe

  8. #5018
    k9inpoop Guest
    Hell Yeah Sonic Adventure 2 for cfw 3.55 i have been waiting for this to come out for the ps3 i had sonic adventure 2 battle for my GC and loved the chao Garden part of the game Thanks

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    hilongo Guest
    I don't mind if it is "for kids" ... as long as they keep them coming!!

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    Blade86 Guest
    I cant get the MW3-BLUS ver 1.22 fix to run

    Trying BLES now...

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