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    PS3Zini Guest
    FIFA 13 [BLES01676] fully working on PS3 with broken bluray disc drive.
    Before start FIFA 13 run any game HDD or USB multiMan (not freeze career/tournament)
    Launch FIFA 13 game from XMB icon.

    works 100% tested I repeat for the last time...

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    Alban545 Guest
    Does Pes 2013 eboot has a new fix for 3.55?, because it can be played only with 4.21 ver.

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    JOshISPoser Guest

  4. #5004
    vinirdsantos Guest
    anyone have updates from little big planet 2 BCES?

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    Raspberyl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sabin6 View Post
    Hello, someone have the DLC for Disgaea 4 USA? And how work it? Thanks
    Hey!, there's for JPN but it's only, Laharl Kaiser, Rozalin and Adell... for the USA version, there's none, although the patch needed for Fixing it already has the Whole DLC set...

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    tiagosector Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PSFreak26 View Post
    I have tested this HDD FIFA13 Fix and it works.

    If you don't start mutiman one time before starting FIFA13 from XMB than it will freeze when you start career mode.
    Works here. Thanks.

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    KentaZX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberyl View Post
    Hey!, there's for JPN but it's only, Laharl Kaiser, Rozalin and Adell... for the USA version, there's none, although the patch needed for Fixing it already has the Whole DLC set...
    I've actually PM'ed to Joe about this, and he told me once hes finished with everything he has to do, the games and other stuff, he'll look into it.

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    KaInEvIL Guest
    They did also work with the USA version if you're wondering. It doesn't have permissions for everything though, so just some dlc is unlockable.

  9. #5009
    KentaZX Guest
    Didn't you say before that only a couple of the DLCS worked on the USA and none of the japs dlcs worked at all when you tested them, or was it the other way around?

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    DarkLordMalik Guest

    Sonic Adventure 2 HD PS3 3.55 / 3.41 CFW EBOOT Fix is Released

    Recently The first emperor has released a Sonic Adventure 2 HD (NPJB00188) PSN EBOOT patch fix by an anonymous Chinese PS3 hacker for PlayStation 3 CFW 3.55 and 3.41 users.

    Download: Sonic Adventure 2 HD PKG Fix / JP0177-NPJB00188_00-SONICADV2_PATCH.pkg (Mirror) / JP0177-NPJB00188_00-SONICADV2_PATCH.pkg (Mirror #2) / Sonic Adventure 2 HD PKG

    It is working with the Japanese version, at least. It has English + a couple of other languages. Saw it on a few private trackers as well.

    Below are some additional background details on the Sonic Adventure 2 video game for those interested:

    Sonic Adventure 2 is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team and initially published by Sega for the Dreamcast console, followed by a Nintendo GameCube port and high-definition versions for Microsoft's XBox Live Arcade and Sony's PlayStation Network.

    Sonic Adventure 2 uses 3D graphics in addition to scrolling backgrounds. The game follows the same basic principles of previous games in the series. Within most stages are rings, which will protect the player from dying, so long as at least one is held by the player.

    The Tails and Doctor Eggman stages are an exception, as they employ a health bar which is reloaded by gathering rings. Item capsules are also located within the stages, which provide the player bonuses.

    Each character has obtainable power-ups which grant them new abilities, such as the ability to destroy metal boxes or play mystical melodies.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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