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  1. #4991
    peppilev04 Guest
    What about F1 2012 and Resident Evil 6 ? When did come eboot fix ?

  2. #4992
    tiagosector Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3Zini View Post
    FIFA 13 [BLES01676] fully working on PS3 with broken drive
    I don't understand the copy process. Can you explain how to proceed but with more details?


  3. #4993
    StanSmith Guest
    That was pretty easy to understand. If you didn't understand it then go back though all 5000 posts in this thread as there will be MANY explanations how.

  4. #4994
    PS3Zini Guest


    1) Install UP0001-BLES01676_00-HDDFIFA13.pkg file on your PS3.

    2) [Open file manager] [FTP] on PS3 and copy content of FIFA.13.PS3-DUPLEX/BLES01676/PS3_GAME/USRDIR [without EBOOT.BIN, CardsDLLzf.sprx, datax.big.sdat,dlc folder] into PS3/hdd0/game/BLES01676/USRDIR/.

  5. #4995
    firplay Guest
    which content ? files from the fix folder or what. ty

  6. #4996
    PS3Zini Guest


    1) Install UP0001-BLES01676_00-HDDFIFA13.pkg file on your PS3
    2) Copy orginal FIFA 13 only USRDIR to USB and remove [EBOOT.BIN, CardsDLLzf.sprx, datax.big.sdat,dlc folder]
    3) Open file manager and copy files of USB USRDIR to PS3/hdd0/game/BLES01676/USRDIR/
    4) Run any game in multiman. [tournament not freeze]
    5) Launch FIFA 13 game from XMB icon.

  7. #4997
    tiagosector Guest
    The game initiate perfectly. But I don't have a bluray disc inside the PS3. Career mode and tournament freezes when I start. Have a way to fix this?

  8. #4998
    firplay Guest
    thank you PS3Zini does but i have replaced this with fix files

  9. #4999
    PSFreak26 Guest
    I have tested this HDD FIFA13 Fix and it works.

    If you don't start mutiman one time before starting FIFA13 from XMB than it will freeze when you start career mode.

  10. #5000
    sabin6 Guest
    Hello, someone have the DLC for Disgaea 4 USA? And how work it? Thanks

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