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  1. #41
    kishin7 Guest
    Galaga, Blood Rayne, Bomberman have been tested on 3.55kmeaw and work. Couldn't get Sonic to work though... kept on getting a trophy error when booting up.

  2. #42
    Ezio Guest
    It is strange, I haven't any trophy error with Sonic even though I currently use cfw 3.41.

  3. #43
    romhunter Guest

    PS3 DLC for Marvel vs Capcom 3 [BLUS-30410] [PS3 CFW 3.55]?

    Hi. I don't known if It's the right section for this post but, would be great if any PS3 Scene team could do the official DLC for MvC3.
    I think that is a work for Duplex

    I was modding my backup copy but I lost two characters to get Jill and Shuma.


  4. #44
    clouduzz Guest
    Hopefully they share their method so we can possibly do our own. but kudos to them definitely nice to see new content available

  5. #45
    Varrasco Guest
    Bloodrayne works but its grey, it doesn't have any color. Does anyone know how to solve it?

  6. #46
    kishin7 Guest
    Can also confirm marvel vs capcom 2 to work too.

  7. #47
    ils Guest
    Bomberman, MvC, Sonic all work flawlessly

  8. #48
    Hipmans Guest
    Wrong place for requests, I know, but wouldn't it be great if they managed to decrypt FFVII

  9. #49
    Scruffy Guest
    Is there a way to group these .pkg Games after install to keep from filling up the screen?

  10. #50
    HeyManHRU Guest
    When you're in the games tab press "Square" and the games will group. According to the format, if pressed again in will be grouped according to the Album (genre) you have named it.

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