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    lzyslckr Guest
    I'm still waiting for Persona and Borderland 2 but at least something is released.

  2. #4952
    goncalodoom Guest
    no news about eboot fix? scene is dying slowly... again

  3. #4953
    Hernaner28 Guest
    My god! Stop with Call of Duty MW3 !! I see a new fix every day!! STOOOOPP! IT's enough! WE CAN PLAY IT! Release a fix for a game which is still unplayablee!! Don't waste your time N0DRM.

  4. #4954
    Nogitsune Guest
    i tried not to go off topic... but seriously. stop complaining and acting like its the scene's duty to give new fixes as fast as they can.
    not to mention asking for games just being released. they should refrain from releasing such fixes even if they had it. or the game's sales are bound to get hit. there is a difference between paying for a game and waiting for fixes. understand that and stop littering this forum with off-topic posts that don't help anybody.

    sorry for the off-topic post.

  5. #4955
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    As long as the comments are related to the releases / release groups on topic for this thread I am OK with it, mainly because if we delete any "non-download link" type posts there would be very few posts per day and the forum as a whole will appear dead.

  6. #4956
    drakulae Guest
    well.. it's great to have 1.22 fixed, if we could get on PSN last week, because it seems there is already a 1.23 Patch so... even with psn still no online...

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  7. #4957
    Dino05 Guest
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Update 1.22 fixed

    BLES01430: EP0002-BLES01430_00-MW3P000000000122-A0122-V0100-PE_Fixed.pkg http://rghost.net/40867780
    BLUS30838: UP0002-BLUS30838_00-MW3P000000000122-A0122-V0100-PE_Fixed.pkg http://rghost.net/40868189

    Updates 1.19, 1.20 and 1.21 required

  8. #4958
    rc4evr Guest
    Thanks for the links, but how come the nfo doesn't mention the previous updates being required? Can anyone else confirm this? Thanks again!

  9. #4959
    thien Guest
    To NODRM Team !

    PLEASE don't waste your time to patch older playable game update, Make patch for new game and make patch for both EU and US version of the game.. thanks.

  10. #4960
    firplay Guest
    pes 2013 please

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