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    oscarsantacana Guest
    thanks for all the information

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i don't think keys would be good cause then sony would update fw with new keys and have random popular games get an update just with the keys pretty much. i'm pretty sure that's been done before with other fw's.

    i just think, if they have a method and it seems unpatchable, they should release it. it doesn't exactly seem to be 3.7+ keys cause then i think a lot more games would have been released, but idk, cause they did do a lot of popular recent games. let's just hope something comes up soon that makes sense.

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    Puffinz Guest
    Why can't we all be grateful for what we get for free, and play the one's that are now available to us.

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    ratboy112 Guest
    As long as something is free, people will always want more.

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    ckf92 Guest

    I'm not asking for all games fixes, just wanna play JET SET RADIO HD coz i'm nostalgic!


    Hope someone could fix it

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    ario11 Guest
    mw3 blus-30887 cfw 3.55 ???

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    ratboy112 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ario11 View Post
    mw3 blus-30887 cfw 3.55 ???
    What are you trying to say with this? You want it? You have it and want to share it?

    Making sentences with more words will get you help a lot quicker ^^

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    Renold Guest
    I have a hunch we're currently cought in a stalemate: no new fixes will come out until the release of cfw 4.21

    and no cfw 4.21 until more games get fixed by n0drm and the other good guys.

    Only a leak could move things a little bit...

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    PS3Zini Guest

    Thumbs Up FIFA 13 [BLES01676] fully working on PS3 with broken drive

    FIFA 13 [BLES01676] fully working on PS3 with broken drive

    Here's how to do that:

    1. Install UP0001-BLES01676_00-HDDFIFA13.pkg file on your PS3.
    2. Open file manager on PS3 and copy content of FIFA USRDIR [without EBOOT.BIN, CardsDLLzf.sprx, datax.big.sdatdlc folder] into /hdd0/game/YourFIFAFolderName/USRDIR/.
    3. Run any game in multiman. [tournament not freeze]
    4. Launch FIFA 13 game from XMB icon.

    Only CFW 3.55


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    justinwoodypond Guest
    Thanks so much for all these!

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