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  1. #4921
    scorcherboy Guest


    Enjoying playing the recently hacked games, while patiently waiting for new game fixes.

    Thanks to all those kickass hackers

  2. #4922
    eustahija Guest
    Grid for new games are huge, but we must be patient. My good friend from the scene told me that many newest games already have a fixes, but all devs waiting solution and future for ongoing new CFW. Something must happen very soon! Until then, we have so many recently fixed games. For example, I have at least 20 unfinished latest 3.55 games on my external HDD!

  3. #4923
    hilongo Guest
    My situation exactly with the difference that I don't have room in my external disk for all the new fixed games.. hehe.. gotta finish some soon!

  4. #4924
    JOshISPoser Guest
    the question is why. why are they holding out? if they're ready, why not release them? then, when the cfw comes out, if they don't work, then people will have a choice between 3.55 and new cfw. i mean, i kinda get it, why release it if it'll only be used for a short period, but then again, why not and just let people enjoy it.

  5. #4925
    hilongo Guest
    That my friend... is maybe the most important question to be asked in this matter ... WHY?

  6. #4926
    JOshISPoser Guest
    there's just too much conspiracy. we need action soon, like by the end of the week or matters tend to get pretty bad and people will get spoken ill of. n0drm is kinda active on their twitter which is kinda good.

  7. #4927
    OEPRules Guest
    so many games have been fixed recently... is there really so much "need" to keep having new releases EVERY day? So many games to play, so little time.

  8. #4928
    elser1 Guest
    yeah but not everyone plays every game, even free for jb cfw users. i think its childish and selfish to not release games but then i dont know the reason they are holding them back.. mainly because i can't think of one!

    They should release the way to fix to a few trustworthy people so we can fix or own games anyways

  9. #4929
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    People like me have 3hr-4hr reserved for ps3. Games like naruto generations (us/eu) were not fixed when it came out in march and it was fixed just 2 weeks ago. Sorcery does not have any fix. I mean to say that if a game is not fixed near its release date it has minor chances of getting a fix.

    Devs are afraid that if they release the way of fixing games then sony may patch it.

  10. #4930
    niwakun Guest
    that's why they released a fixed eboot instead of releasing how it was done. or maybe it's also safe to release keys since no one dictate how they obtain it.

    As long as how the decryption of eboot is done or how the keys were extracted is not released, sony cant patch it. They need to use their social engineering skills to get such critical information, but today? I really doubt that they can get such information so easily.

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