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    Feb 2011

    Can wait for to try Journey. The end is near.

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    Apr 2005

    Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition [BCES-00569] Internal Only CFW 3.55 Fix

    Not sure if this is legit, if someone an confirm it we can mainpage it etc.

    Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition [BCES-00569] Internal Only CFW 3.55 Fix.rar

    Try to boot game and you will get a 2.8gb mandatory installation. After that, either from mmos or ftp copy the eboot.bin from fix ALSO to internal hdd replacing original file found in /dev_hdd0/game/BCES00569/USRDIR. Then boot game from mm as usual...


    It may not even be new based on the file date though, someone posted it on IRC earlier today.

    Also from ZOMBIEKILLAH comes a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (BLUS31002) patch as well:

    Download: (Password: ZOMBIEKILLAH)

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    Oct 2012

    Update game


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    any links for Sonic Adventure 2 ?

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    I'm glad I found this, I had Deadliest Warrior but something went wrong with it, so perhaps now i can get it back, fresh install... I read this. Thanks. Also with the above post, Sonic Adventure 2 would be very good.

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    Can you give the EURO 2012 DLC link please?

    The PATCH works. on external HDD

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    Oct 2012

    Gran Turismo 5 [BCES00569] 1.13 PATCHFIX CFW 3.40

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    Thanks for all the works you guys put in! Duplex and PrOpositionJoe have reinvented the scene! thanks from northern norway !

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    Anyone know if the DLCs has lost planet for 3:55? not react?

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    is there a fix for PES 2013 yet? anybody knows what tools are use to make this fixes? or a tut?


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