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  1. #4861
    Yourname Guest
    Has anyone got Carnival Island (BCES01369) working?

    Using N0DRM US patch gives black screen.. with/without BD Mirror

  2. #4862
    PS3JB Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by eric994 View Post
    can someone also put the nba 2k13 psn link? please you would be doing me a huge favour
    it is coming soon !!!

  3. #4863
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by yourname View Post
    has anyone got carnival island (bces01369) working?
    bcus98271 ok 355

  4. #4864
    PS3JB Guest
    we need save old Updates from Sony Server

    Sony tricky NOOOO

  5. #4865
    Yourname Guest
    AdilAliraqe I'm on 3.55 and tried N0DRM US patch. Using other region patches (most time) work, but it doesn't seem to be the case this time.

  6. #4866
    AdilAliraqe Guest
    can any one put the edat for Resident Evil 6 psn Please ?

  7. #4867
    fantopoulos Guest
    folks it seems like any new fixes will take some time they are closing gaps, only people at moment that might do new fixes is the mighty projoe and duplex, so just let them take care of how they have decided to go about it and in no time you will see many new games coming out cheers

  8. #4868
    PS3Zini Guest

    Lightbulb Please link DLC EURO 2012

    Please link DLC EURO 2012 to FIFA 12 [NPEB00688] or [BLES01381].

    I fix 1.06 check if the DLC works

  9. #4869
    vash109 Guest
    Remember that they have normal lives too, lets just be patient an wait for the fixes, they do their part for free, the least that us as players can do is to wait, when is ready they are going to announce it, asking repeated times for it is not going to speed it up, only my opinion.

  10. #4870
    emerk Guest
    Amen to that man.

    Come on guys you have to be patient.

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