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    quintana007 Guest
    It's a hot game and i'm sure it's taken care of. So if it's done we'll get it, so whats the point?

  2. #4852
    GotNoUsername Guest
    RE6 works already, just use the dex update trick.

  3. #4853
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i think he's asking about 3.55 cex. some people didn't switch to dex

  4. #4854
    PS3JB Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by flaviud View Post
    A fix for 007 GoldenEye Reloaded (BLUS-30755) ? thx
    GoldenEye 007 Reloaded-BLUS30755.Patch.v1.02.Install.and.Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB


    Install and Play !!!

  5. #4855
    hilongo Guest
    I already can see an avalanche of Facebook posts saying - "Like" if you want RE6 fixed !! -- but I don't see DUPLEX members or PropJoe sitting in front of the screen counting how many likes or how many begging posts there are to start fixing the damn game...

    Besides... they've got us from oblivion when there were no games to be played on 3.55 to this paradise of gaming ... and all you can see is lists of what some people is waiting... man... greed never ends it seems!! hahaha

    And please ... I'd like to ask a fix for... errr... hahah .. just kidding

  6. #4856
    JOshISPoser Guest
    true that.

    i just hope that their method gets released if it's something that seems hard to patch for sony. they haven't released as many games now, so a patch method would be nice for the games that got overlooked. if it could easily get patched, then well, i guess we're SoL and just have to wait and see.

  7. #4857
    azoreseuropa Guest
    Its your opinion. Let them play and decide for themselves, thanks.

    Hate to tell you but Duplex are the private source. Same question and you won't get it. Patience is a virtue.

  8. #4858
    wwywong Guest
    To be honest I really wish that there is a poll kinda mechanism in here that people can add games they wish to be fixed, and other people can just come in and vote, so

    1.) post won't be repeated about who want what again and again (RE6 already appear like a thousand time!!! Come guys. I think everyone gets it. If it's just couple msg in a week, that's bearable... but keep posting the same msg will not help them decrypt those games. It will only wasted all of our time, cuz everyday I find myself browsing through pages and pages of request before I can even hit one useful post)

    2.) everyone will immediately have the stat on which game is wanted by most people, and which is least, etc.

    The thread will be more condense and concise this way. But again, I understand there might be work involve in there, so I am not being a pain about it.

  9. #4859
    elser1 Guest
    you need a second ps3 mate.. LOL psn and a game shop!!

  10. #4860
    eric994 Guest
    can someone also put the nba 2k13 psn link? please you would be doing me a huge favour

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