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  1. #4841
    Mobutu16 Guest
    DEX Fix for RE6 is available, I hope Propy will do again for PSN.

  2. #4842
    GoldenCross Guest
    can anyone provide the PSN link for One Piece (US or EUR) ? I'm willing to chip in on the purchase. I can't purchase myself as i am on CFW

  3. #4843
    ratboy112 Guest
    Yeah... you're not the only one. Be patient

  4. #4844
    evEr Guest
    Everyone is understandably giddy about the new games getting fixed. I'm still interested to know if the SILENT HILL HD COLLECTION has already been worked on.

  5. #4845
    azoreseuropa Guest
    No. Nobody knows yet. Be patient. Patience is a virtue.

  6. #4846
    bluewolfknight Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by junks278 View Post
    Does it have a fix?

  7. #4847
    roeykarou Guest
    No mate! it was posted for anyone that knows what he's doing and to try and fix this... my guess is that the next guy will know how to

  8. #4848
    Jigsawpuzzle Guest
    Waiting for resideny evil 6 here T-T

  9. #4849
    nikola989 Guest
    seriously dont play hd collection, just play originals hd collection is aweful

  10. #4850
    Hernaner28 Guest
    COME ON DUPLEX! What are you waiting for? MAKE A RESIDENT EVIL 6 fix please!!

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