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    ConsoleDev Guest
    I don't know because i don't play online but i think that with FCKPSN 0.9 should work fine

  2. #4822
    Atrion Guest
    Anyone got any word on Journey?

  3. #4823
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daSlayer87 View Post
    Is it already uploaded?
    Bud, I posted Crysis EU Multi-5 lang with fix twice already, but for some reason my posts get scraped. I'll try again, now...

    CRYSIS HD (NPEB00575) Multi-5 lang
    FIX 3.41/3.55:

    Credit to PSFreak26 for sharing his account.

  4. #4824
    fox460 Guest
    pr0p - Any chances with Resident Evil 6 PSN release??? please say something.

    Thanks for your work also

  5. #4825
    PSFreak26 Guest
    Wow Thanks

    Finally I can play this game in german.

  6. #4826
    Blade86 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ConsoleDev View Post
    CoD MW3 Update 1.22 Fix for CFW 3.55 has been released few days ago: http://www.multiupload.nl/5POA842S1X
    OMG this is a fake!!!! Dont spread it plz!! Its JUST a modified PARAM.SFO!!!

    EBOOT.BIN & the 2 SELFs are from the 1.21fix!!! I got the EBOOT.BIN proper fixed, but since FckPSN has stopped working, there is no need to fix this update...


  7. #4827
    ConsoleDev Guest
    I'm really sorry about that, I did not know

  8. #4828
    Blade86 Guest
    Whaaat? You just wanted to help, mate. No need for a sorry I just wanted to share the right Info for that fix. It worked for loggin in (with FckPSN) but game searches take a looooot of time. (I think because it only searches within 1.21)

    And sadly it was used to do some ingame-hacks (like xp-lobbies i read) So for those who managed to recompile FckPSN without the consoleID-spoofing, might have a chance with that...

    So all in all thanks for your involvement ConsoleDev!

  9. #4829
    flaviud Guest
    A fix for 007 GoldenEye Reloaded (BLUS-30755) ? thx

  10. #4830
    kinittifak Guest
    thank you pr0p0sitionJOE

    Please inFAMOUS 2 Festival & Blood Other Language Eur Version.

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