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    Hi mate... sorry for not getting back sooner. Missed your reply and been on nights. I cannot seem to pm (due to lack of posts? dunno)

    Anyone know how I can enable PM so I can get my info to pr0p0sitionJOE ?

    Thanks in advance

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    up your post count and belong to the site longer. i'm not completely positive on that, but that's how most forums seem to work so devs and others don't get spammed. be a member of the community before trying to privately message someone belonging in it already.

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    Hello, i have two request. from psn.

    The first are double dragon neon.

    The second are Resident Evil 6, i have the 2 from psn in my fat ofw 4.25, if are need the links to pkg files, i try to found it, but i dont know how do it. I want to play in my slim because my fat is near to death

    If i can help, say and i try to search the direct link, Thanks!!

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    share the information with n0drm on their twitter. i have *heard* that they will try to help especially with psn games cause then you have proof of owning the game.

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    Now that Resident Evil 6 is on PSN I guess there may be other methods to get a fix. Let's hope we get something.

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    I have moved the DEX-related posts to our ongoing PS3 DEX Thread... any new DEX releases, videos, etc please post there and we will promote them to the main page as time permits, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    I fixed that Crysis HD [EU region MULTI-5 lang] for ya. I got proper rifs dumped and then it was easy. EU game is about 800mb bigger then US version. Not sure about US game, but EU supports 3D playing mod. Going to upload fix soon.
    Is it already uploaded?

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    Hello all, no patch for mw3 1.22 ???

    Please rlz !!!

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    CoD MW3 Update 1.22 Fix for CFW 3.55 has been released few days ago:

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    Thanks !

    Work online no problem ?

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