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  1. #4801
    neociano Guest
    PSN REQ - NiGHTS INTO DREAMS HD and Sonic Adventure 2! They just were released today! PROPJOE FOR EMPEROR OF THE MULTVERSE!!

  2. #4802
    firplay Guest
    what about pes 2013 can we have a fix or need to wait like pes 2012 10 months?

  3. #4803
    eustahija Guest
    Obviously, PES series have a less gamers interests than FIFA in last years. I would like also to see a fix for PES 2013, just like a fixes for Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2, Dead or Alive 5, Resident Evil 6, NBA 2K13, NHL 13... But, I think that rumors of incoming new CFW and growing DEX users with fixes for newest games, making a mess on the scene. I hope so N0DRM, Duplex, PropJoe and another great devs did not give up of making fixes!

  4. #4804
    rau7 Guest
    Works perfect on 3.41, but where is the DLC UEFA EURO 2012?

    pr0p0sitionJOE could put the link to 3.41/3.55 The missing link of the game Deus Ex Human Revolution?

    Thank so much

  5. #4805
    bluewolfknight Guest
    Sorry, i don't know that. But thanks for rebumped.

    Don't ya have MarvelVSCapcom1, Dragon Ball GT Final Bout US, Monster Rancher 1&2, Digimon 1+2+3+rumble arena+card battle? Thanks again

  6. #4806
    jejemon123 Guest
    guys our only hope are from DUPLEX and PropJoe or maybe some chinese fan boys

  7. #4807
    bluewolfknight Guest
    (PSN) Double Dragon Neon please... Thanks

  8. #4808
    djole dubona Guest
    hello to all, nice thread

  9. #4809
    Yourname Guest
    N0DRM did a AWESOME job!! They did overlook one game Tour de France (hint hint) haha

    You forgot to include Rebug EXEtrimALL NRP

  10. #4810
    Hernaner28 Guest
    pr0p0sitionJOE , Resident Evil 6 is available on PSN, maybe there's a chance of getting a fix now?

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