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  1. #4791
    matomato Guest
    No, you can't

  2. #4792
    Godai Guest
    I hope someone make a patch for Catherine EUR too.

    Catherine EUR BLES01459 Multilanguage (FW 3.73)

    Original EBOOT.BIN

  3. #4793
    TheZander Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    Let us pray every day for a Resident Evil 6 3.55 fix. Please god, I know you'll bring us a fix for it ! I know, I know I know....
    God is definitely down with the scene, especially when it involves killing Zombies. Do games that work with DEX typically become playable on 3.55 eventually?

  4. #4794
    JOshISPoser Guest
    kinda seems like it. i think that might be how some of these games get fixed. i think they like dump the eboot or something in dex. idk, all speculation

  5. #4795
    stingray1059 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by flaviud View Post
    can i play resident evil racoon city on ps3 fw 3.55?
    no. not yet

  6. #4796
    musiq soulchild Guest
    NBA 2k13 anyone?

  7. #4797
    matomato Guest
    No one

  8. #4798
    roeykarou Guest
    Hello mates. do you know if darksiders 2 or sleeping dogs got fixed yet?

    thank you!


  9. #4799
    kalberto Guest
    Team Duplex can fixed it, but they will not fixed it for you, because Team Duplex want all of us, to change cfw 3.55 into their cfw debug 4.21

  10. #4800
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Go make a DEX related thread. This thread is for CFW 3.55 CEX PS3 thread. Please do not post any DEX stuff here.

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