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    Dec 2010
    I looked inside the pkg of the free online pass & its for EU not for US?

    BLES01676 but does NOT work...

    Now trying this on US

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    yeah, i saw that too with PKGviewer.exe, it's ID is BLES wtf for BLUS version..??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewolfknight View Post
    Bloody Roar 2 (PSone Classic).... Please? If none, here is the pkg link + rap file, please fix


    rap file:
    Are you serious! This game is fixed for almost 8 months now. No reactpsn needed or anything. Full fixed by BlackDeath and me.

    Here you go with full fix...

    BLOODY ROAR 2 (NPUJ94424) FIX 3.41/3.55:

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    hi Joe, can you fix the Online pass of your release (FIFA 13 Bles version)..?


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    Ahah.... but I want RE6

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    Jul 2011
    thank you changed the eboot to this one and still not working, also tried update pkg first and then this still nothing can some please advise

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    May 2011
    It will not work, thats just the Online PASS for FIFA 12 that has been available for quite some time, he just unpacked it and changed the PARAM.SFO ID and the folder where the PASS is going to be installed and then repacked it. He didn't even changed the ID of the .edats, but even if he had it wouldn't still work

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    finally some new news but not that i want eboot fix of resident evil 6.

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    Nov 2011
    Any decent fixes for NASCAR The Game 2011.

    The orginal fix by duplex freezes after completing a race and you press continue onto the next it just locks up

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    Let us pray every day for a Resident Evil 6 3.55 fix. Please god, I know you'll bring us a fix for it ! I know, I know I know..

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