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    Has NHL 13 been patched yet?

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    Well guys... I will try this and get back to you on TTT2 working on 3.55 RogeroV2 DEX with JPN pkg fix via MM ... Btw Is it true that the PS3 heats up more when running on DEX as opposed to CEX?

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    I have to agree... if it was going to happen it probably would have by now.. Best bet is hoping Koei update the game and run it on DEX. (But who knows what security will be in place by then and if its possible anymore or not)

    On the same game but a seperate note, the DLC came out last week right? is it possible to use the dex update method using the DLC? I was just wonderin

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    Bloody Roar 2 (PSone Classic).... Please? If none, here is the pkg link + rap file, please fix


    rap file:

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    if you have the PSONE Disc of Bloody Roar 2 you can play this game using mutiman's ps1 emulator.
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    Hello, i'm looking for a 3.55 fix for BATMAN GOTYE BLES01587, i can't find a link.. can someone help me?

    ....and still waiting for JET SET RADIO HD fix.. (i hope someone would and will fix it )

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Arkham City or Asylum if Arkham City no Eboot or patch 3.55 fix for GOTY but it have patch fix in non-GOTY can play harley quinn revenge DLC.
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    i found a patch for batman from ps3gunz, but not tested yet!

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    Man can you clarify this: I have the TTT2 on internal and external. So do I put the BLES01702-Teken Tag Tournament 2 (V1.01) fix inside the PS3_GAME dir or launch from XMB? and does it play discless

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    BLES VERSION please...

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