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    ghk Guest
    Riran and Kaiser7044:

    Firstly thanks for responding, The patch you speak of is the JPN pkg fix right?

    I am running now on 3.55 OFW DEX - how would I launch the game using Multiman 4x DEX?

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    Blade86 Guest
    go on RogeroV2-DEX-3.55 & start the normal MM...

    for fixes: Behave like you were on KMEAW...

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    The same here man! These people are having fun with games and with the DEX (I mean, with that crap DEX) fixes! We'd better wait more

    Keep on Kmeaw mate and just remember: he who laughs last, laughs best

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    Jaws3288 Guest
    Hey, everyone. New here. I can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I recently acquired the Twisted Metal CLANDESTiNE release, and attempted to install the N0DRM patches. I wasn't sure if I was doing it wrong or not, so I found a .pkg file that was released in which is patches all the way 1.06 and cracks the game with the N0DRM patches.

    Simple enough, I thought. But, upon loading it takes forever to load when the game first starts (normal, maybe?), and after it does whether in-game or loading or whatever my PS3 randomly beeps 3 times and shuts off, and the red light continues to flash until I press it. I used the buggy DUPLEX patch and that seemed to work fine at first other than the issues with sound and whatnot, but crashed too.

    What am I doing wrong? I tried reading up on the tutorial to install N0DRM's patches one by one but I don't think I'm honestly doing it right. Any help would be appreciated. My PS3 is the old 20GB model with Kmeaw 3.55 CFW. Thanks!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    Crap... still no news about RE6 fix. The same front page for about 4 days
    I just got back online, so will be updating everything throughout the next 8 hours or so.

  6. #4756
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I hope that one day I wake up, prepare my coffee, turn on the computer, go to PS3 News and see "RESIDENT EVIL 6 FIX FOR 3.55 CFW RELEASED BY DUPLEX" OMG that would be perfect

  7. #4757
    elser1 Guest
    there was an update for the game this morning when i started it up. like a release day patch so i'm confident duplex will have a fix very soon. it seems all they need is an update and they can patch it..

  8. #4758
    kaiser7044 Guest
    i hope they also fix one piece pirate warrior.

  9. #4759
    kotnaphaha Guest
    go and buy it if you want to play it so damn hard, nothing has changed.. and it never will nothing anymore

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    thumper67 Guest
    Has NHL 13 been patched yet?

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