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    Resident Evil 6 On DEX

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    Sep 2012
    what was the last game patched from dex to cex ? was there any ?

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    Jun 2006
    sept 26 theres a tab that says eboot fixes

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    i heard a rumour about DOA5 a time ago, a group working in it, but any news, no fix, hope can play this soon

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    well if you had signed it for 3.40 in the first place, we wouldn't be talking about it now... btw the original retail game is signed with 2.10

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    Sep 2012
    the 2 games you mentioned are naruto / Twisted both were fixed.

    every game that is running on dex didn't hit cex yet.

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    Nov 2008
    Hi Guys... You have a solution for this one?

    I converted 3.55 CFW / Kmeaw to 3.55 DEX Rogero then updated to 4.21 DEX to play my original Tekken retail Blu-Ray (BLES01702).
    It worked fine - but now I heard of the TTT2 JPN pkg fix allowing the (TTT2 PSN by DUPLEX) to work on 3.55 CFW.

    My question how or if I can get my TTT2 disc/back up working on 3.55 CFW? Will putting the JPN pkg fix in the HDD0 make TTT2 work on 3.55 CFW Kmeaw? or

    Do I need to convert TTT2 (BLES01702) to PSN? How can I convert to PSN using ASTools 3.1? And can I play TTT2 of USB HDD?

    Any way guys to play TTT2 of HDD0 or USB HDD without using disc on 4.21 / 4.20 DEX

    Thanks a lot... Please help

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    there is not any news for five days i can't believe it and i am waiting for re6.

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    Sep 2012
    i dont know if TTT2 is playable online (online pass and updates).

    to play it without a disc = copy your ORIGINAL game to a hdd and download the eboot fix (copy / paste)

    was that your question ?

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    man just replace the eboot of your tekken tag 2 EU with the tekken tag 2 jap. it is working internal and external. tried and tested with my console.

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