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  1. #4741
    AdilAliraqe Guest


    Resident Evil 6 On DEX

  2. #4742
    Riran Guest
    what was the last game patched from dex to cex ? was there any ?

  3. #4743
    cucu21 Guest
    sept 26 theres a tab that says eboot fixes

  4. #4744
    manolitorr Guest
    i heard a rumour about DOA5 a time ago, a group working in it, but any news, no fix, hope can play this soon

  5. #4745
    furientez Guest
    well if you had signed it for 3.40 in the first place, we wouldn't be talking about it now... btw the original retail game is signed with 2.10

  6. #4746
    Riran Guest
    the 2 games you mentioned are naruto / Twisted both were fixed.

    every game that is running on dex didn't hit cex yet.

  7. #4747
    ghk Guest
    Hi Guys... You have a solution for this one?

    I converted 3.55 CFW / Kmeaw to 3.55 DEX Rogero then updated to 4.21 DEX to play my original Tekken retail Blu-Ray (BLES01702).
    It worked fine - but now I heard of the TTT2 JPN pkg fix allowing the (TTT2 PSN by DUPLEX) to work on 3.55 CFW.

    My question how or if I can get my TTT2 disc/back up working on 3.55 CFW? Will putting the JPN pkg fix in the HDD0 make TTT2 work on 3.55 CFW Kmeaw? or

    Do I need to convert TTT2 (BLES01702) to PSN? How can I convert to PSN using ASTools 3.1? And can I play TTT2 of USB HDD?

    Any way guys to play TTT2 of HDD0 or USB HDD without using disc on 4.21 / 4.20 DEX

    Thanks a lot... Please help

  8. #4748
    conner cenoway Guest
    there is not any news for five days i can't believe it and i am waiting for re6.

  9. #4749
    Riran Guest
    i dont know if TTT2 is playable online (online pass and updates).

    to play it without a disc = copy your ORIGINAL game to a hdd and download the eboot fix (copy / paste)

    was that your question ?

  10. #4750
    kaiser7044 Guest
    man just replace the eboot of your tekken tag 2 EU with the tekken tag 2 jap. it is working internal and external. tried and tested with my console.

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