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    Onox Guest
    Update 01.01 for Resident Evil 6 is out if you use the PS3 Game Updater. So if you have DEX 4.21 you can play the game using the standard procedure. I just tested and game works.

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    jmleolgq Guest

    Big Grin

    RESIDENT EVIL 6 patch has been released.

    DEX 4.21 running OK...

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    fox460 Guest
    Could be better for 3.55

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    rikukh3 Guest
    And there's one for Persona 4 Arena also.

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    sherlock99 Guest

    SSX patch

    Thanks JOshISPoser for the post. Thanks to PS3JB for the later updates. much appreciation to you both.

    Quote Originally Posted by dovez0 View Post
    can someone please reupload Sniper.Elite.V2.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX BLES01290 fix please as the links on page 279 are all dead
    Here you go dovez0. This EUR update (much respect to N0DRM) also works with the JPN release of the game (BLJM60503).


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    PSFreak26 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rc4evr View Post
    Hi, I'm on 3.41 CFW and I get an "80029564" error when I try to install this. Any suggestions?
    I made this pkg 20 month ago and it's 3.55 signed. Just unpack the pkg with pkgview.exe and repack it. Then you should be able to install it on 3.41.

    Just update to 3.55 CFW and you won't have such problems

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Crap... still no news about RE6 fix. The same front page for about 4 days

  8. #4738
    Riran Guest
    RE6 is fixed for dex

  9. #4739
    kyuss Guest
    Seriously? thats news, how about "Beyond Good and Evil" released by no other than DUPLEX last year? And also "Resident Evil Code Veronica"?

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    Djou1337 Guest
    Hi everyone,

    I have some problem with a MW3 backup. I'm using FckPSN with a 4.25 spoof and it works really good on some games (Soul Calibur 5 etc) and i'd like to play MW3 online. I downloaded the pkg fix 1.21 for my backup (BLUS30838) but when I launch if it just freeze and leave me on a black screen. Any clue ?

    To the dude asking for Fifa13online: It works i can go to the PSN playing Fifa13 but you need an Online Pass.

    Use FckPSN 0.9 with a 4.25 FW spoof and download the last eboot fix for CFW3.55 and it's ok. But if i were you i wouldn't buy an online pass because you never know if you will be able to play forever (new Sony firmware blocking FckPSN, no eboot fix for next update, etc.)

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