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    Quote Originally Posted by PSFreak26 View Post
    Dark Sector BLES00222 (EU) 1,21 GB
    Hi, I'm on 3.41 CFW and I get an "80029564" error when I try to install this. Any suggestions?

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    try 3.55. i really don't know the advantage of 3.41 at all. the first advantage of 3.55 is no dongle. the second would be a slightly higher game compatibility.

    i couldn't do 3.41 cause i have a slim and if i wanted to play a move game, that would be nigh impossible unless it was on internal.

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    Thanks for your suggestions, but I just went ahead with acquiring a regular version of this title and it works fine. In fact 99.9% of my sizable backup library works just fine on 3.41, so I'd rather not jeopardize that situation by going to 3.55 just yet.

    's still a thriving 3.41 community out there and there's good reasons for that, although I'll admit ignorant complacency shouldn't be one of them.

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    I tried on 3.41 and didn't work for me. So you may as well blame it on your PS3 Model. I am just saying that it runs for me on my patched Kmeaw 3.55 cfw. I also don't see any point in staying on 3.41 because there is no risk at all in going to 3.55, unlike CEX-DEX, DEX-CEX.

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    I think someone tried that already but was unsuccessful... anyway.. seeing how a patch hasn't surfaced yet, i probably try this in the next few days

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    By the way... There's nothing to do about with PSN PS2 Games?, specially Odin Sphere?

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    The PSN PS2 Games Cannot be played right now because currently 3.55 firmware does not support PSN PS2 Games emulation on it.Only a higher CFW will be able to play it in future.

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    You can update to latest 4.25, go to psn, buy PS2 title in store and sniff PKG link. Then downgrade with hardware flasher and swapped HDD to 3.55, when you on old 3.55 cfw swap old hdd and reinstall 3.55 rogero and backup 'exdata' folder with your act.dat (don't use QA flag before backuping, it deletes act.dat on reboot). Then convert console to 4.21 DEX, install PKG and transfer backupped exdata folder.

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    Hello Mates!

    Small Question please: can i play the FIFA13 ONLINE?

    if yes, can someone redirect me to a page that explain how to put the Online option on my CFW 3.55 (by the way, i still have a dongle in use, so is it ok to use with Fck PSN and stuff?)

    Thanks for your Help...

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    it is not about keys it is about emulator version

    I am talking about PSN PS2 GAMES on 3.55 CFW CEX console

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