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    Selfmade PSN Game

    Blood Drive MRTC00011 (US) 1,65 GB

    Install the pkg and start the game from XMB
    Do not update this game!!

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    I don't think it works on 3.55 dex because eboot 4.10

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    I know that.. I already have external as always.. I am not noob and it doesn't work at all.. I think even change from blus to bles might work but I will check it later. I doubt it will work either. I never have a problem. A few bles eboot versions works perfectly fine on my blus versions anyway.

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    You're terribly mistaken, it also works on Internal. It was confirmed a while ago and i can also confirm it. You have to use the BD Mirror option and it also needs a BR disk inside the drive though.

    The only problem is that it was a lazy work from crapcom (what isn't these days?) and you have to exit the whole game if you want to play the other collection titles, which sometimes results in a random lockup. (Dunno if is a fix's issue) This doesn't happen with the MGS HD collection since you can always go back to the main game selector menu.

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    Yes, thats correct.. I did try disc game in too and nope. It doesnt work at all. It is still black screen.

  6. #4716
    It works both with the US and EUR version. Try making/downloading a new rip.

  7. #4717
    No, mine is not a bad rip. I am on 3.41 rebug. The Dragon's dogma, Ninja Gaiden 3, and few more works perfectly fine. This is only one doesnt work.

  8. #4718
    Well then, the problem should be your firmware/cfw. Because i'm on Kmeaw 3.55, and all my dlc, backups and psn games work.

    Remember there are some fixes that only work on 3.55, unless stated otherwise.

  9. #4719
    No because I have few duplex fixed for my few games and works perfectly fine. According to other person statement and it might be problem:

    Therefore, all works fine including dlc and psn games. Been using it for over 2 years, thanks.

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    Just some curiosity, it's that possible a fix for Red Dead Redemption GOTY? I'm just questioning because a lot of other games with GOTY get a fix.

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