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    No, you can't buy things from PSN on DEX. you can't connect to PSN at all. if you want to play One Piece, go DL the Japanese version, it has fix. then get the PAL version and try swapping files to make the Jap version in English, should be possible.

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    I'm so sad to have missed them. Anybody not too busy to direct me to still working links? Please.

    But wait, maybe you are referring to the patch for the retail version playable on external with BD-emulation. I'm talking about the three separate PSN releases whose first fixes you made were not working. I hope I'm not confusing you. Your efforts are all appreciated.

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    Hello pr0p0sitionJOE, I hear that you have Journey Psn fix 3.41/3.55, is that correct?

    If so, where can we get our hands on it...



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    pelase can i request a help i want very much play persona 4 arena on my 3.55 can someone contact n0rdm and fix a eboot f or this game and for dead or a live 5 too i would be very grateful for this. sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for all

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    Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle played in the cfw 3.55 fixed it run?

    Please give the answer....

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    Devil May Cry HD collection (BLES01228)

    Hello.. I have the BLUS version istead and this is only one that doesnt work at all for me. Therefore Ninja Gaiden 3, Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim and etc works fine on my 3.41 REBUG. This is only one doesnt work at all. Even, BD mirror and select+ X and other doesnt work either. I don't understand.

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    change the sfo to bles or maybe even try internal. iirc, select+x doesn't do anything since bd-mirror was added to the options of loading a game.

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    Thanks for all your hard work its fantastic really enjoy the dlc even more now since we can go online with lots of them.

    Anyways any news on the ac revelations dlc ?


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    DMC HD only works on external, use external+ BD Mirror option in multiman AND put in a BD disc game in too and launch the game from disc in XMB, any game. otherwise you get black screen from what I remember.

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