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    waiting for Brave but have great eboots and games till i wait thanks duplex and great people who gives to play games

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    Hey, are you saying that you can run the full game RE6 from 3.55 CFW? and are you running on DEX 3.55 CFW or CEX 3.55 CFW? I'm very curious. please reply asap. I'm so anxious to play RE6!

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    he said it works on 4.21 dex from demo eboot swap.. and the other guy said 3.55 i'm sure it will be everywhere soon if true.

    res evil 6 is an awesome game. to be honest its probably the only game i would upgrade to 4.25 and buy to play if i only had the one ps3. i'm sure it will be fixed soon though for 3.55 users. be as patient as you will be worth the wait.

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    If it is so true that it works for 3.55 then why dont you test it and see ? I hope that he is telling the truth. Therefore, I hate the liars. Sighing.

    I wish I can test it myself but I dont have it just yet. Maybe later. I doubt that it will work but I hope that its true.

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    Me too. That would be the only game I would buy... but no, I'm not gonna upgrade. I'm very sad that there's not a fix yet... the more days keep coming the less likely we are to get a fix I guess, I suppose DUPLEX has already taken a look but failed.

    PD: Oh, and I'll never update my console to that piece of crap of DEX.

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    Think about it the Demo works on 4.21 DEX and not on 3.55 even if he changes the Eboot files its still 4.21 or am i wrong

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    I just found out that he/she might be lied.. i hope not but according to this: the demo is 4.10.

    Yeah, it won't work on 3.55 CFW. Obviously.

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    I cannot believe how those who flash their PS3 can do it. I mean, you're risking lot of money for a couple of games and I'm particularly not rich. I don't think it worths it. I would never ever do that with my PS3, even if I know exactly how to do install it: there a risk and apart from that I don't like the idea of changing system files (or whatever they're called, flash files), I'd prefer to keep my PS3 as original as it came with the CFW I installed and I'll be assured that nothing strage will happen with my PS3 in the future, that simple, quite and patient until something cool happens.

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    noob question.. but if i convert to DEX... would i be able to buy things of the PSN? really wanna play One Piece.. but don't wanna go back to ofw

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    So what are you doing at a PS3 hack site? You got me puzzled!

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