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  1. #4681
    drakemood Guest
    why dont you just download the US one? its only 2gb, and i think its not really a problem, you're already support the dev by buying the game, so i think its ok, but oh well its just my opinion.

  2. #4682
    pr0p0sitionJOE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evEr View Post
    I've been out for awhile. Mind if you guys tell me if the PSN JAK TRILOGY HD patches already came out?
    Yes, I have fixed that about three weeks ago. Maybe more.

  3. #4683
    zombie099 Guest
    Pr0p any word on Darksiders 2 and Resident Evil 6?

  4. #4684
    fox460 Guest
    I think we should wait for Rebug 4.21 CFW... or convert your PS3 to DEX. If it was some kind of "way" to create patch for this games Pr0p will tell us.

  5. #4685
    TheBlack Guest
    Good morning, Is Catherine EUR version decrypted? I know that USA version is decrypted but I'd like to play in my language.

    Thx in advanced

  6. #4686
    kloops Guest
    Can some one give me a borderlands 2 eboot fix BLUS20982?

    I will give you the eboot if you need it! FW required for it is 4.21

  7. #4687
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I'm not sure if anyone here could fix it, but I'm sure someone, somewhere will fix it soon .

  8. #4688
    gtav Guest
    I copied the Eboot from RE6 Demo and transfer it to my RE6 Game copied over RE6 Eboot and it works, i can play RE6 on 3.55. But you need to download the RE6 Demo from Debug Server!

    your welcome,


  9. #4689
    Lando43 Guest
    that is only 848MB? can't be all of it.

    edit: oh it's the demo, ignore.

  10. #4690
    Onox Guest
    Does the game work fine, have you tested it for awhile? Also where do you get the RE6 Demo from Debug server? I have the Resident Evil 6 - Duplex game (BLES01465) Which demo would I need to get this one to work and where would I find it? Also what FW you on? 3.55 DEX?

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