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    Senior Member JOshISPoser's Avatar
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    well, i seem to have x men destiny working. the install is slow but over 60% by now.

    i have it external with bd mirror on and this is the fix i'm using: http://rghost.net/40633876

    hope it works for you.

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    nah resident evil 6. it broke street date here in australia so i bought it already. i'm on 4.25 psn console. just saying there was no patch needed to play. doesn't duplex etc need there to be a patch to make a fix??

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    sorry for going off topic, but awhile ago when the new FF XIII-2 and dlcs came out. i had previous saves from the chinese hacker's and my almost complete save game wouldn't work properly. eventually i managed to fix it after all this time so i thought i'll post it in hope of helping anyone who sees it.

    1- deleting two folders named BLES01269 in game folder in ps3
    2- backing up save game -not from ftp- but in XMB, the standard way. (it took a lot of time like it was installing a 10+GB pkg, which was odd)
    3- deleting all saves and creating a new save that works properly.
    4- restoring the backup (again not from ftp) and overwriting the new save.

    again sorry for going off-topic, but i was wrestling with this for a long time. and thought it would help someone.

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    Thanks PROPEJOE for fixing RE: CODE VERONICA good to have you back mate...

    Give us all you got!!! i know you working on something big mate!!! I'll wait for it mate!!!

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    Thank you for posting, PSFreak26!

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    can anyone tell me when darksiders 2 fix will be released? i am desperately waiting for its fix

  8. #4658
    No one knows, but I'm sure a fix will come shortly.

  9. #4659
    Little Big Planet 2-BCES00850.Patch.v1.01-v1.09.Install.and.Crack.CFW.3.41-3.55-PS3JB

    100% Works One PKG v1.01-1.09 Install and Play

    http://rghost.net/40633337 part1 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633353 part2 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633384 part3 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633436 part4 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633461 part5 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633489 part6 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633505 part7 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633561 part8 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633563 part9 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633565 part10 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633566 part11 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633590 part12 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633687 part13 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633718 part14 (47.7 MB)
    http://rghost.net/40633747 part15 (44.7 MB)

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    can someone please reupload Sniper.Elite.V2.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX BLES01290 fix please as the links on page 279 are all dead


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