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  1. #4641
    JOshISPoser Guest
    someone requested ssx and i didn't know which one they wanted but this is the 1.00 patch. so, hopefully that's what you wanted. enjoy.


    oh, ps3jb beat me to it , well, you get three patches then

    also, mine is US since you requested that.

  2. #4642
    PS3JB Guest
    v1.00 there is not a Patch Update this is Fix & Crack for Game Folders

  3. #4643
    Blade86 Guest
    not Resident Evil Code Veronica X ?

    are you on 3.55 ?

  4. #4644
    TheZander Guest
    Is there any eboot patch yet for Driver SF BLUS30536?

  5. #4645
    JOshISPoser Guest
    you can always try changing the param and then using the bles patch.

  6. #4646
    PS3JB Guest
    EURO Works !!!

    But here i Pack new USA "BLUS30536" You need test normal without BD Disc and next with BD Disc next BD Mirror withe BD Disc:


    I have only EU Version !!!

  7. #4647
    TheZander Guest
    Thanks man, I'm going to try it out. As for changing the param do you mean load the other patch and when it ask me if I want to change just agree? Or do you mean I can open the file in notepad and change some filenames around?

  8. #4648
    PS3JB Guest
    You must not do anything to change or param I have change FW 3.40 is for CFW341/355

    Install Patch and Crack and Test

  9. #4649
    huss0406 Guest
    PEASE fix the gran turismo 5 spec 2.0 (at least this one), and thanks by fixing twisted metal, finally I can play it online

  10. #4650
    GoldenCross Guest
    Can someone please get OnePiece working on 3.55cfw ? please

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