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    wwywong Guest
    Are you presenting a solution or asking a question? Sorry but your english is missing a lot... I'm not trying to make fun, but I don't know whether you said it is already fixed... or it need to be fixed?

  2. #4632
    cucu21 Guest
    I copied it to external again fresh. I don't see any change from external. The game still copies like 20 files or so till it gets to 22% and jumps to cut scene intro. I make it to the main menu of the game and it does not let me click anything

  3. #4633
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i'll try to obtain/dump a copy soon and see if i can maybe help you. it might take a bit. the game sounds interesting but got bad reviews, so i never played it. i don't like repetitive games unless i'm playing with someone (and drinking)

  4. #4634
    cucu21 Guest
    thanks, yeah it looks awesome just from the menu itself i just cant get it to load i gotta warn you 5644 files takes acouple hours for those bad boys to transfer from ext hdd to int hdd... i might have some thing wrong on my end but it reminds me of dead island when the game wouldnt reconize the controller.

  5. #4635
    elser1 Guest
    Just playing Resident Evil 6 on my PSN accout. there was no patch to download needed to play it yet anyways.

  6. #4636
    PS3JB Guest
    what can not be understood ? Simple

    what new:

    -Game Needs FW 4.21 <<<--- THIS CAN FIX OLD EBOOT.BIN FIX or PATCH FIX from v1.01 -v1.13 <-This can Fix !!!
    -INSDIR\DATA000.PKG <<<--- THIS CAN NOT FIX <- This Academy Edition PKG Version NOT !!!!

    sorry for bad english

  7. #4637
    JOshISPoser Guest
    when i get it, i'll just dump to external drive. i never like games with that many files, cause like you said, transfers are slow!

  8. #4638
    sherlock99 Guest
    Can anyone PLEASE re-post babyjoe00069 patch for SSX?

    It was at: http://www.mediafire.com/?1gc46i5tv6j7nhd.

    Now it's a dead link. Thx in advance. Sherlock99.

  9. #4639
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I mean, if DUPLEX manages to fix Resident Evil 6, Assassin's Creed III, PES 2013 and COD Black Ops II (just those 4 games) then great!

    Those are the most wanted games.. so, a strategy would be to fix those 4 games and dongle sales are gonna have a great negative impact. <-- and that would be just awesome

  10. #4640
    PS3JB Guest
    I have Patch Updates:

    http://rghost.net/40633398 SSX-BLES01437 v1.03
    http://rghost.net/40633402 SSX-BLUS30849 v1.04

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