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    Contributor Niteconu's Avatar
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    Given the amount of requests for other sport games (NHL, FIFA, PES) I would like to politely repeat my request for fix for UFC Undisputed 3. Hopefully some dev will have a moment to spare and will look into patching it for 3.55.

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    PES 2013 working like charm !

    Thanks a lot

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    where's the fix for pes 2013? i didn't know one came out.

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    I think he/she means Fifa 13.

    Or Pes2012 fix which was posted a few pages back.

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    i think a lot of people would be happy with pes 2013. i've been hearing lots of good things about it compared to this year's fifa

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    is everbody forgettin about borderlands 2 come on a nine average rate from every gaming review or at least sleeping dogs/Darksiders 2 is better then any other new games around! please, please!!

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    i was trying to get x-men destiny to work and its no go with patch i have BLUS30746 and i used patch from both internal and external bdmirror it looks like it wants to start it does intro and once i get on main menu i cant move up or down or select anything the install goes from 20% to intro when press home button i can quit it fails to quit and turns of ps3 and auto boots back on and i have a corrupt file thats 1.1 gigs anyone having this problem?

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    delete the install data, trying replacing the backup files again and use periods so you can be understood better.

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    LOL. Yeah annoying when people don't at least use periods at the end of their sentences. At least he used one. hahahah

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    Gran Turismo 5 Academy Edition can fix this Game is old from release Gran_Turismo_5_Academy_Edition_PS3-STRiKE ID:BCES00569

    what new:

    -Game Needs FW 4.21 <<<--- THIS CAN FIX OLD EBOOT.BIN FIX or PATCH FIX from v1.01 -v1.13


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