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    navaee Guest
    i have both and the experience for me is exactly (exactly) the same.

    i do not believe in any of these feelings.

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    ratboy112 Guest
    There will always be fanboys to ignite the console wars Myself I also have both the consoles (and a Wii).

    Each has its own exclusives library wich I enjoy very much!

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Xbox exclusives are crap, Xbox controllers are crap, Xbox online is crap, Xbox Disks are crap (no Bluray), ... I can continue but I guess that's enough.

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    zombie099 Guest
    I have a request to the mods of this thread. I frequent this site on a daily basis and have found it beyond tiresome having to page through useless chatter and responses... Heavier moderation/User post limits, thus keeping replies on subject making it easier and efficient to read pertinent information on releases and requests. Thanks in advance!

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    ratboy112 Guest
    Like I said: fanboys gotta love 'em <3

    I ain't looking for a console war/discussion so lets keep it on topic

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    WilloXno1 Guest
    East Side are the best! West Side are the best! X360 are the best! PS3 are the best! STFU!


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    StanSmith Guest
    I also got both 360 and PS3 but when the games get released online the 360 can be played straight away where the PS3 version takes weeks if ever for a patch to be released so you have to wait a lot longer before you can play it.

    And WHO CARES which console you got. its EXACTLY THE SAME GAME so if you like the game or not DOESN'T MATTER what console you play it on.

    If you want to play the game the 360 is the fastest way to play it. I've seen RE6 online for the last week so if I got it I could've finished it by now and everyone with PS3s are still waiting for it to either be released or a patch. There are also adapters so you can use a PS3 controller on the 360 and a 360 controller on the PS3. If you dont like the controller then just get the adapter and use the other one.

    When you play backups its a LOT safer to play it in singleplayer mode. If you play online then there is a huge risk of the console getting banned. So WHO CARES which online service is better.

    When the console fanboy wars start you know who looses? the fanboys coz there are more people that DONT CARE that will always win.

    In the end, if you want to play the latest games sooner get a 360, if you want to play them on the PS3 then you will have to wait and buy it or wait even longer for someone to release a patch.

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    ratboy112 Guest

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i generally keep on topic and reply to replies. i try to help out people. way to name call... that'll help you out in life. /endsarcasm

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    First check my posts, 50% of them are in PS3 HELP section helping people around. i am trying to contribute my best to this website. you are saying i am doing useless posts. First check my posts then speak. i posted only like 4 or 5 useless posts (including this one, sorry for this admin).

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