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    Oct 2010
    i would be so happy if when i wake up in the morning and come to ps3news i see resident evil 6 3.55 fix. i played the psn demo and its ok. seemed a bit fiddly with the camera, not as good as 5 or orc.. thanks in advance to the fixer.. LOL

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    Please don't forget PES 2013 ...

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    Oct 2010
    thanks for the link. i'll have a go at it while waiting for re6 preorder comes in.

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    Nov 2011
    Is there any DLC for Need for Speed shift 1 & 2. I did a search but didnt see see much hits.

    Anyone got any links? cheers

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    Preorder? Haha... I will wait for a fix.

    Anyone has Putlocker links for RE6? Thanks a lot!
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    Feb 2012
    Should get a Xbox 360 as its already out and playable. No need for patches or anything with the 360.

    Is it in the shops yet? I've just seen it "around"

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    it will be released on 2-10-2012.

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    Please don't forget NHL 2013...

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    X360 is great.. You can play new games but I just like PS3 a thousand of times more than X360 in many ways... I just cannot compare them
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    Xbox360 plays games well but you cannot get the experience of playing a game on Xbox360 which you get while playing on PS3

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