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    resident evil 6 fix please..

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    DUPLEX, N0DRM please... we trust you! You've fixed too many games, you cannot fail us now! Let us play Resident Evil 6 please!!

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    They done more than enough. But it would be cool.

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    it would be super awesome not only cool and it is never enough.

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    Sep 2012
    The game isn't even out yet.

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    it was just leaked

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    Yes it is! You can download it right now! The EUR version from DUPLEX! I'm downloading it right now...

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    Jan 2012

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    RESIDENT EVIL 6-[BLES01465] 10.7 gigs just.

    Hope we get a fix. With a new CFW 4.21 coming out, they have to have the 4.21 keys don't they?

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    Apr 2005
    How do they get leak that is almost a week earlier than the release date? Are they complete version? Does Duplex get hook up with games store employees or something? Just wondering...


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