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    i have to double, triple quadruple thanks for team N0DRM respect work great skillset and time and effort for the scene, just saying thanks from all cause it seems many, i mean many do not even say a small ty, well I say to you a big huge fat thank you, from others.

    i commened your efforts and i know many others that appreciate your work, keep up the amazing groundbreaking work, and to leechers, a ty to these team, groups, people that help, i help as much as i can always so just say a small thank you with your own words after it something like this?? not to hard is it

    good things do not last forever so dont worry be happy and say thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    can anyone upload naruto generations eur/us to a free file sharing website? please i love this game (putlocker does not work for me)
    it is already posted wrong forum/thread eboot fixes is where to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantopoulos View Post
    it is already posted wrong forum/thread eboot fixes is where to go
    i am requesting full Game naruto generations eur/us

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOST Hated View Post
    You have to get the repack. DEX has nothing to do with it. Duplex noticed it was a bad rip.. (Probably trying make the demo eboot a 3.55 patch) and repacked it. So.. Yeah.. Grab the Dead.or.Alive.5.REPACK.PS3-DUPLEX release.
    It is weird tho, after I got the repack version, the size of the rar are smaller, yet, when unzipped, all files (size) seems to be exactly the same as the previous version (non-repack original release). Number of files, folder structure, everything are the same. When extracted they are exactly the same copy. Why will that be? Anyone notice?

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    The game is one size so that's what it's going to be.. Bad rips have nothing to do with size, it's about broken files.
    Max Payne 3 was released by vimto and duplex. Both the same size but duplex had the Proper.

    Vimto had a bad rip because of broken .bik files (bink videos) so the cut scenes couldn't play, breaking the game.

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    thanks for the repacks leatherface you the man!

    propjoe you forgot us?

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    patch 100 not installed?

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    no, you copy those fixed files over your original files in your GAMES or GAMEZ /BCUS98106 directory on your external hard drive. Then you can install my repacks. It may work without the patch 100, but N0DRM said to install them all so I would.
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    dovez0 thank you very much, but i got the same problem with the new link, i downloaded 3 times the 1st part vom FIFA13 from the new link, but it always stopped at 65 MB. Would you please reupload the first part again? Sorry for my english & thank you again !!

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