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  1. #4491
    geebeegoner Guest
    Cant seem to install these .pkg files. Must be doing something wrong, got the game installed on my hdd and when i click install pkg nothing appears

    Been away from the scene for a while, If anybody has any tips please help, heres what i've done installed the .pkg file, ftp game over to hdd but i cant seem to find the icon for the batman game. The ps3 says it has intalled it. I'm also using the newest version of muliman.


  2. #4492
    Pepuhz Guest
    is the pkg files on the root of the flash drive?

    Where'd you find a copy of lego batman 2 I cannot find it ANYWHERE

  3. #4493
    geebeegoner Guest
    Yeah its on the root, got batman off usenet

  4. #4494
    Blade86 Guest
    Anyone dumped the decrypted EBOOT from the 1.01-Patch-4.10-DEX-fix of Dead or Alive 5 correctly?


    Dead or Alive 5
    ID: BLES01623 (there is also a DUPLEX rip)
    NFO: http://www.xrel.to/console-nfo/52527...S3-DUPLEX.html
    4.10-FIX for DEX: http://www.multiupload.nl/M8FOHEY28M

  5. #4495
    dovez0 Guest
    supposed to be, haven't tried it yet await reply from geebeegoner.

    just put straight onto a usb stick and then goto install package files and that's it.

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit COMPLETE DLC PACK FIXED PS3 WORK 3.55

    DLC Content x3

    - 2 Online mode
    - Lamborghini Diablo SV, Countach LP5000 QV & Sesto Elemento, 10 new race events
    - Year 1982: Porshe 911 Turbo, Porshe 959 & 911 Speedster, another 10 new race events

    How To Play

    Install the Official update package depending on your game region.
    Install the Fixed DLC package depending on your game region.





  6. #4496
    Pepuhz Guest
    The lego batman 2 patch did not work for me. I am on kmeaw using 9.99 spoof and latest multiman. tried it with and without br mirror get error 80010017

  7. #4497
    dovez0 Guest
    ok thanks, dont think needs spoofer though

  8. #4498
    Pepuhz Guest
    I tried it without the spoofer gave me the "this game requires firmware 4.10..."

  9. #4499
    dovez0 Guest
    I have need for speed hot pursuit dlc but not letting me put up can moderator please help

    so update has not been patched maybe someone can use it here and make it 3.55

  10. #4500
    MOST Hated Guest
    At Blade86

    If your using DOA5 duplex. It was a bad rip and there is a repack. If your talking about decrypting for 3.55. It's not happening yet. The game requires 4.21 and the patch requires 4.10. Hopefully duplex pulls some magical stuff like they did with fifa 13.

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