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    Hey Guys Great Awesome News First REAL PS3 Game is Cracked By Guess Who:



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    The game itself is already out lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by saitoh00 View Post
    any know if Resident Evil 4 HD Multi eu psn are fixed?
    it was fixed for 3.55 by EXEtrimall.

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    please Duplex patched NHL 13, PES 2013

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    they used the eboot from the fifa13 demo.. so easy

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    is that confirmed? i would think it'd have some weird boot error or something or more errors. also, i'm sure the demo has keys above 3.55 on it.

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    I can't believe that eboot fix for FIFA 13 already released! The game is not in stores yet! Someone said that Duplex team use eboot fix from FIFA 13 demo. That means we can try this fix for demo?

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    intern hdd fifa 13 eboot tested by me on 3.55 Rogero CFW, Fifa 13 DUPLEX version BLES01676-[FIFA 13]


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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3GAMER20111 View Post
    it was fixed for 3.55 by EXEtrimall.
    Thanks i try to search it

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    Yeahhh... please don't forget the PES 2013...

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